The war criminal rises and speaks
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Does the Okkervil River song 'The War Criminal Rises and Speaks' have references to my local ice cream shop, or am I imagining this?

So, I'm not sure if there's a way of answering this definitively but it's been bothering me. The song is off "Down the River of Golden Dreams". Here's what struck me.

1. There's a reference to "Beal's" which is the name of a local ice cream microchain as well as stop and shop which is obviously a wider net but still common in New England (or it's Hannaford now I guess). I can't figure out what other Beals they could be referring to.
2. There's another song on the album with "Maine Islands" in the title.

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Sheff is from Western Mass, is he not? That may help.

And Okkervil River isn't that big a band, I imagine you could email them or post on their facebook page, and you would likely get a response.
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According to wikipedia, he's from New Hampshire. I think they're pretty active on twitter... tweet at them with this question?
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Wikipedia says they met in New Hampshire, so yeah, probably. You could probably do an overlay map of where a Subway, Beal's and Stop and Shop are close together to narrow it down even more, but that's where I'd figure they got it.
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It appears that the whole album is inspired by Sheff's hometown. Via NPR's All Songs Considered:

'"Down Down The Deep River," from Okkervil River's forthcoming album The Silver Gymnasium, is a beautiful, rocking song inspired by Meriden, N.H., where songwriter Will Sheff grew up.'

NPR also has this app (narrated by Will) that includes detailed information on Meriden and his experiences there.
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