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I've heard this audio track on many BBC documentaries over the past few months, including multiple unconnected Panorama episodes and most recently on Britain's Favourite Supermarket Foods. It seems an audio engineer is crushing on this track quite heavily, and now my brain is demanding to hear the whole thing and will replay it for me ad nauseam until it does. I've tried running it through SoundHound and Shazam to no avail, so I figure it might be from a production audio library instead of an actual song. Does anyone know the title and composer of this piece, and more to the point, where I might obtain a copy?
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You might try browsing the BBC Production Music site. There's a TON of stuff on there. I'm currently browsing it as well, looking for your earworm, but no luck yet.
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Yeah, that was my first thought, too, but unless it's not tagged properly (or completely, anyway), I'm not finding it.

Consider also that this might be the entire piece; your extract is about a minute long, and lots of production music is composed from the start as a 60-second piece (or, sometimes, cut down into 30- and 60-second edits from a full-length cue).
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Also, note that there is an Advanced search button where you can narrow down the options by tempo, style, mood, etc. I tried a few different combos, but no luck still.

Maybe send an email to both shows, and they can tell you?



Britain's Favourite Supermarket Foods: BBC's Contact Us page or Cherry Healey's email (
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