Any Goldie-Blox Experience?
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We discussed Goldie-Blox back when it was just a Kickstarter, and I was wondering whether any MeFites have since obtained it for their kids.

My inquisitive and unafraid-to-experiment daughter is turning 9 next month, and I'd like to get her something sciencey. I'm open to other suggestions, but I love not only the idea of Goldie-Blox, but also its whole origin story and intent, so I'd like to support the creators and their general ideas.
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Actress Mayim Bialik just talked about getting it for some girls in her life, and also for her sons.
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We got it for our 4 year old. She worked it all out and is now a bit bored of it. I would suggest waiting until further (more complex?) stories are released.
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I have it and wasn't as excited with it as I wanted to be. The parts were a little hard for me to use was my biggest issue with it. Plus the story wasn't as cool as I hoped. That said, I think it still has value, as you can build things with it and my son got a kick out of spinning the things (and is only 4 so I don't know how much it would be different for a 9 year old). I don't think it will necessarily win you best mom awards, but I would still buy it again.
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Best answer: We were given two sets, actually, one for our six-year-old and one for our eleven-year-old. They both liked it quite a bit and have taken it out several times since then. They play with it making their own stuff, more or less ignoring the book after the first time through, as is the way with other building toys like Lego.

It's not a play-with-every-day toy, but then nothing without a screen is like that in our house. It gets more use than the board games, less use than the craft supplies. Your child may vary.

From my eleven-year-old herself:

"It is cool that you do not actually have to use the base- I made a cube with the set. it is the kind of toy that you could play with at hours at a time (while there is background T.V. on), but is also the kind that you could just forget that you have for months. it is a good toy that makes you learn without realizing it."

Sooo there you have it, then!
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Got one, liked it very much. Like most toys, my daughter played with it a lot at first, then progressively less. I work with this by rotating her toys every once in a while.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. Ordered it and will try to remember to update after she gives it a whirl.
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Another second-hand anecdata point: I backed the original Kickstarter so when I got the toy I sent it to my 4 year old niece. By accounts of her mom she does take it out and play with it on her own, but I don't think its the most popular thing ever (apparently playing soccer is currently the most popular thing ever). I figured even if it wasn't a big hit with her that the idea deserved some of my dollars.
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