What's the coolest thing you've gotten in the last half-year?
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I'm looking to update my birthday wishlist and need some specific inspiration from a broad spectrum of people-types. What's the coolest thing you have bought or been given in the last 6 months that cost between $10 and $200?
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BioBrite Sunrise Alarm Clock
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A tiny lemon tree.
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Got my bike working well.
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One of these, though mine doesn't appear on the page right now. I am not an expert on this kind of thing by any stretch, just an avid consumer.
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Best answer:
  • A Leatherman Skeletool CX
  • A really nice waterproof commuting bag (mine is from Chrome, but there are many other choices.
  • A Le Creuset dutch oven.

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Car seat covers (to protect from dog fur and muddy paws)

Every time I use them, I send silent thanks to be the best in-laws ever.
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A pen that is also a mechanical pencil.

A pen that comes with its own LED light for writing in the dark. (ie. in the theatre, taking notes.)

Buffalo jerky.

Giant Pocky. It's not just Pocky, it's GIANT Pocky.

But in truth, all I really want is someone who will come by my house and clean it.
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Delete "be" in that last sentence.
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This and this.
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This Double LP repress of Dear You by Jawbreaker.

This water bottle.

This Complete Far Side collection.
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Best answer: Refurbished Ipod Touch.

Ok, I don't have one, but it *would* be the coolest thing if I had one. Otherwise I'd score a high quality air pistol.
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fenix l0d q4 - 1 AAA battery flashlight, as bright as a 4 D-cell maglite.
boker subcom pocket knife - superbly small but ergonomic pocket knife
A new chef's knife from here, made from pre-war steel forgings: http://www.thebestthings.com/knives/sabatier_nogent.htm
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A 2 year subscription to New York Review of Books. A subscription to Saveur.

A cumbus, an e-bow. A well-seasoned cast iron griddle. A Le Creuset dutch oven.
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A good massage.
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I really like my Utili-Key, but I think it might have been under $10.

A nice teapot.
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Book Gem - every reader needs one.
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Since a few have answered: "Le Creuset dutch oven" (it is one of my favorite things.... Evah), I will answer a Zojirushi Rice Cooker. I love that thing. Rice. Perfect. Every time.
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If you're in the Bay Area, then I suggest a membership to the Commonwealth Club.
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Best answer: Tiny picture cards from MOO.com. They also have postcards, stickers, greeting cards, note cards, and business cards.

You might have seen these related questions already: I love these questions!
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The flexible roll-up keyboard, which never gets crumbs between the keys, easy to clean.

Mini plasma ball. Has three settings, off, one full on and another that responds to music/sounds.

Chromolux lightbulbs.

Etch-a-Sketch pen.

'Journey Into Satchidanana. by Alice Coltrane

Carapan Body scent: fir balsam, lavender, bergamot, cedar, patchouli and vanilla, mmm, amazing smell.

Miracle fruit from the Miracle Fruit Man for a Miracle Fruit party.
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Agree with larsks that Leathermans are awesome! I have a Juice Xe6 and I love it.
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JBL Reference 220 earbuds (on clearance real cheap) and a 750GB hard drive for my ever-expanding iTunes library (speical weekend sale at Fry's).
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Best answer: High thread-count sheets. Two sets, even, so you can still change the sheets if you don't have time to do laundry that day.
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Alphasmart Dana

Field Guide to Spiders and Insects of North America (you can imagine my glee when I identified the spider in the kitchen as a Sow-Bug Killer and the one in the bathroom as a Stealthy Ground Spider. It's way cool.)
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Ant farm.
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Amod AGL3080 GPS data logger (for geotagging digital photos).
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I recently bought a Flip Ultra video camera, and it would be a great birthday present.
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When a friend gave me a Nintendo DS as a gift I said "What do I need this for?"

Three months, and eight games later, I can't imagine NOT having one.
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A portable XM Radio pack
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1. I had my Buckingham Nicks LP framed. It looks awesome. I ended up ~$200 into it by the time it was done.
2. A Skeletool CX. Yeah, they're that good.
3. An XD-40 pistol. !!BANG!!
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