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Looking for a pre-1985 story about a man turning into a tree.

This (turning into a tree) may have been his sentence for committing some crime. As I recall, his wife was able to visit and talk with him during the process. I'm almost positive it was published in a magazine I had a subscription to at the time, so it's likely from The Atlantic, Mother Jones, Harper's, Omni, Granta, Rolling Stone, or New West.
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Doesn't quite sound like your remembered story, but this happens at the end of the 1976 science fiction novel Maske Thaery by Jack Vance. A great book.
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Long shot, but any chance it's The Wish Giver?
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I think I know this one. Altho it was about a man who was mean to children when they came into his garden but later he turned into this amazing tree and all the children played on him...does that ring a may have been called the selfish giant...I can dig further if this resonates.
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Response by poster: seasparrow: no, not my story, but I'll add the book to my "read" list.

capricorn and gypseefire: I'm 99% sure that it wasn't children/YA lit and that it did not have a happy/redeeming ending.

I appreciate the suggestions and I'm sorry I can't be more specific.
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Something like this happens in "Olders" by Ursula Le Guin. I see it was published in Omni in 1995 and in a collection entitled "Unlocking the Air" in 1996, though, so the dates are wrong.
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I saw a movie about a man turning into a tree - but it was based on a play from 1942, and I recall that it had a quasi-happy ending.
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