U.S to Switzerland mailing times
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U.S. to Switzerland by regular first class mail: in your experience, has that ever taken longer than 12 business days? (Item in question would be a flat 9x12" envelope, papers only, zero customs value, from east coast U.S.)
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If there is any issue from delay, just send it by some kind of time-constrained way. International standard post makes no promises for delivery time so if there is a deadline, better to spend a few extra dollars for a quicker, or just guaranteed, delivery.

I've had mail from the UK to Canada take either a week or three weeks. There are no guarantees in standard mail delivery.
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Not Switzerland, but Germany and France--both have taken anywhere from just under a week to well over a month. If this is a time-sensitive thing, look into the post office's international priority mail, which is meant to take, iirc, five days at the outside. It'll be spendy, but it'll get there fast.
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It could, in theory, easily take that long. Might have had bad timing on the trip out, could be in customs. Switzerland is one of the best places I mail to, though. Rarely more than two weeks.
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Response by poster: Good to be hearing these answers -- top google results are expat forums where people are saying it's never taken more than 10 business days, but I wanted a reality check on that.
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I have always gotten us-switzerland mail within a week or so, if that helps. Though once I sent a letter non priority to the us from switzerland and that took a good three weeks or more.
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US to Portugal always takes 7 days...in seven years this has not varied.
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