Put 2 DVDS on 1 DVD-r w/ Toast keeping original menu integrity?
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I have an iMac and Toast 10 Titanium. I have several Video TS folders, some are movies, others exercise vids. How can I add two movies (2 existing Video TS folders) from my collection and either a)keep their menus intact, or b)have a menu where I can choose either movie and have whatever chapters Toast decides? I prefer option a) because some are fitness dvds that have exact breaks to start a new warmup whereas my movies, I don't really care where the chapters are inserted. I have looked online and there is such a wealth of opinions, some old links requiring another software like DVD2OneX or something else. Thanks in advance.
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The purpose of DVD2OneX is to compress a dual-layer DVD into a smaller size so that it'll fit on a single-layer DVD, which is not relevant to what you're looking to do.

I think iMovie can open VIDEO_TS folders. This might be a little fiddly, but you could pull both folders into iMovie, then build a new menu that points to each of the original main menus. iMovie could then export your whole project as a new DVD.
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Best solution for me so far, figured out on my own just playing around: 1. Drag Video_TS files to DVD video. (Here one can remove whatever by clicking 'remove' on bottom, and on the right hit 'edit' for more fine tuning for each segment in case you want to take things out... but moving on) 2. Menu styles by Toast are on the right. Yeah, I know. You can make more in Photoshop but that is another deal. 3. Save as Disc Image and label accordingly or it will default title it My Movie.toast. 3. Drag the disc image file back into Toast in DVD-Video again and hit burn. The final result isn't a a perfect split of 2 movies with intact original menus but at least there is an interface with clear menu options. I'm sure others have much better ways. My main player plays .avis and mp4s and all that but my folks' doesn't hence this short-term workaround.
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