Best DVD ripper for Windows?
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Please recommend the easiest-to-use DVD ripping/burning software for Windows....

I just got myself a new compooter with a DVD writer. I'd like to make simple backup copies of my DVDs as easily as possible. The DVD drive is the only disc drive, so I'd need to rip the disc to the hard drive, and then burn.

I'd prefer a program that didn't require me to install random media players and video editing software that I'll never use. I'm willing to pay about $0 - $50.

I know this has been discussed here before, but many of the previous questions are years old, and with the fluctuating legality of this type of software, I have no idea how to discern what programs are still viable and worthwhile.

Previous answers seem to suggest 'DVD X Copy' might be the software I'm looking for. Any experience with this?
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CDBurnerXP will make ISO's from your DVD's and allow you to burn them to a new DVD.
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I use DVD decrypter to copy the entire contents of the dvd to the harddrive (also removes any copy protection) and then use DVD Shrink to compress and burn the movie. The great thing about dvd shrink is that you can pick and choose what you want to leave off. I find that if you strip all the extras, subtitles, and unneeded audio tracks you are left with a movie that requires very little compression to fit onto a single layer dvd. Dvd Shrink is really very simple to use, a couple of clicks and you are off to the races.
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Another vote for DVD Shrink here. It's so easy to use, an idiot could rip DVDs with it.
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Razzle has it down.
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I do exactly what Razzle Bathbone does, except I shrink first then use decrypter to burn.
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Another vote for DVDshrink.
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Just want to point out that the reason it's called DVD Shrink is that a lot of commercial DVDs are larger in size than a burnable DVD. So you gotta cut some stuff out to make it fit.
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odinsdream - I have had several discs that Dvd Shrink could not break the CSS on but DVD Decrypter were able to crack. Also I have several European and Aussie discs that DVD Shrink could not get past the region coding.

That said, DVD Decrypter is not 100%, more like 90% for me. But for a free product I have no complaints.

And what smackfu said. Until dual layer discs and burners really get down in price, single layer is the only option.

After Dawn is a great resource for info on this. There are probably other/better ways, but using both or either of these programs is the simplest way to make copies of your discs.
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DVD X COPY is the best software for your needs in my opinion. Just stick the disc in your drive and click Start. The company went bankrupt after their software became illegal. They released a new version that would burn but not rip (or rip but not burn - I don't remember) but it never took off for obvious reasons. Your only hope is too find a cracked original version through bittorrent or on aP2P site depending on your ethics.

Other than that, use DVDShrink and DVDEncrypter like everyone else said. They work but it's a lot more complicated than DVD X COPY.
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DVDShrink + AnyDVD ( will allow you to copy absolutely anything. Slysoft's CloneDVD product is a good basic ripper as well, again in conjunction with AnyDVD.
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DVD Decrypter + DVD Shrink + Nero Burning Rom

DVD Decrypter is illegal, but pretty easy to find.
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I use DVD Shrink 3.2 to create disc images of DVDs, which I then burn with Nero.

In my experience with DVD Shrink, it invokes Nero by itself and handles the burning completely end-to-end with no intervention. I seem to recall it can also integrate with some other, free burning product. I don't recall the details.

I have had several discs that Dvd Shrink could not break the CSS on but DVD Decrypter were able to crack

Interesting. I've used DVD Shrink hundreds of times and not run into this yet. I believe you, for sure, but for the simple get-started-now solution I'd just run with DVD Shrink alone. It does it all most of the time (for me).

You do need to have Nero installed to make it one-click-simple, though.

If you really want to go balls-out-one-click-set-and-forget-easy-as-hell, then keep 2 drives in your computer. Put your DVD is one, and your blank in the burner. Tell DVDShrink which is which and go to sleep. In 30 minutes you'll have a burned copy done.
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Echoing Razzle, is also a good resource.
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