Nicest Hyatt within weekending distance of NYC?
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We have two free nights to use at any Hyatt in the US. The catch is that we must use them by Aug 31. We would like to do a weekend away from our home in Brooklyn. There are 3 of us -- two adults and a 7-year-old boy. We tend to spend very little on hotels, so this is our chance to treat ourselves to a special hotel. Can you recommend a very nice Hyatt property within reasonable driving distance of NYC? That could include Philly, Boston, upstate NY, Connecticut, Rhode Island, etc. More concerned with hotel "wow" factor than location, but a great location is certainly a plus!

I've looked on the Hyatt website, but I'm only getting a sense of amenities, etc -- not what the experience of staying in the hotel really is.

One more factor -- since we have a little kid, kid-friendly amenities like a sweet swimming pool &c are a big plus.

Thanks from the 3 of us!
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The Hyatt in Cambridge is extremely close to the Boston Museum of Science. YMMV for your 7 year old, but I stayed at that Hyatt a year or so ago for just that reason.
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Here's a weird recommendation, but hear me out, how about Pittsburgh?

I'd recommend the Hyatt House South Side. First of all, they have kitchens and provide free breakfast. So you don't have to spend a fortune eating out. Just hit the Giant Eagle and get some groceries. They have an indoor pool!

The South Side is a vibrant, funky place. Really walkable, with fun restaurants, bars and shops.

Next there is a bunch of awesomely cool stuff to do in Pittsburgh:

Kennywood! A great old amusement park that started out as a Trolley Park. Historic and fun.

Andy Warhol Musuem It's got a great modern art collection, some weird stuff from Andy's personal collection and they have an interactive art studio for adults and kids where you can do silk screens and other art projects. There's a room with mylar baloons to play with!

Baseball at PNC Park.

The Heinz History Center is pretty cool. It's part of the Smithsonian collection. One exhibit lets you try your hand as a pickle packer! Also, the Strip District where it's located is a fun area for food shopping and noms, including that Pittsburgh favorite, Primanti Brothers.

Go to the Carnegie Planetarium. It's one of the oldest in the country.

I know it sounds really weird, but I promise, you will have a great time. Pittsburgh is awesome.
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The Hyatt at the Bellevue is really nice, and it's in a great location in downtown Philadelphia-- it's right by City Hall. One caveat is that although they have a very plush exercise club, I don't think they allow minors in and I don't think that it has a pool.
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Park Hyatt DC is very very nice, I'm pretty sure head and shoulders over any other Hyatt within driving distance. (Pool is indoors and not particularly special, though.)
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I'd look at the different Hyatt brands to help narrow it down, assuming the points are good at any of the Hyatt brands. Andaz (only NYC for east coast), Hyatt Resorts, and Park Hyatt seem to by the fancier ones; the others seem to be more budget or business oriented. There's a Park Hyatt in DC. You could also try the Hyatt Resort in Maryland.
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I don't think any of them are going to blow your mind, but Cambridge is the most fun place to visit and that Hyatt is great.
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I've stayed at the Grand Hyatt Washington in DC and loved it. Bonus: you have direct access to the Metro Center metro stop from the hotel lobby.
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Cure Bar and Bistro at the Grand Hyatt in DC is delicious, so another vote for that!
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