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Is there any sort of website where you can input your measurements and it will tell you which brands or stores carry clothing that will fit you? My mom was telling me about such a site (the name of which she can't remember, and it was a few years ago, anyway) for jeans and I was wondering if something like that still exists and if one exists for clothing beyond jeans. Thanks.
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Nordstrom.com uses a similar engine to steer you toward the brands they carry as well as to help you choose which size to order. It lets you put in measurements, as well as pick a representative article of clothing from your closet (brand, style, size) to help determine what they call your "true fit". Personally, I find it picks everything a size too small.
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Best answer: Was it this, previously on the Blue?

(Not super-duper accurate, of course, given that sizes and cuts vary so widely within brands. But it's a start.)
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