Is there such a thing as short term bedding linen rental?
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I need to procure 60 sets of sheets, pillows, blankets and towels for four days. But, how?

Linen rentals which rent short-term only seem to have tablecloths and napkins, and bedding rental/laundry places want year-long contracts because they work with hospitals and hotels.

This is for a group stay at a camp in Missouri. Almost everyone is flying in from other places, but I'll be driving from Georgia and could conceivably bring the linens there and then take them back.

But, is there an option that doesn't involve buying all that stuff? I just want to borrow it, but I have no idea from where!
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There is!

Large institutions may use a linen service. Here's one that has bed linens.

I will suggest that it may be as cheap to BUY sheets at Ikea. They have the Koppa sheets for $3.99 each for top and bottom sheets, And a two pack of pillow cases for $4.99.

That makes it $10.48 for each bed or $629 for all 60 beds. Ikea sheets are soft right out of the package.

Call Ikea first or order them to be delivered in bulk. They may not have all of it in stock. (But they might, these are perfect for dorm rooms.)

Just something to consider.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, linen services for large institutions (like Crown Linens) won't rent for such a short time. I'm trying to brainstorm ideas that don't involve buying everything.
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Ask the camp. If they regularly rent the facility to groups, they may have a pre-existing relationship with a rental agency.

FWIW, I really doubt you can fit all of that stuff in your car.
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When I went to camp as a kid, we brought all our own linens - towels and sheets
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Yes, have everyone bring their own linens. It's not that weird a request and it shouldn't be a problem.

Frankly, I'd rather bring my own, washed in my own detergent and fabric softener.

Is this more than a week? Will the linens need to be washed during the stay?
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Response by poster: In order of points raised:

Unfortunately, the camp itself has no advice, since this is an unusual arrangement for them.

I'm trying to avoid asking everyone to bring a blanket, towel, and pillow, since this will amount to an extra bag and therefore baggage fees for many. (Also, a significant percentage of the people attending don't own twin sheets!)

I can definitely fit this all in my car, because it is a giant school bus.

This gathering is in the context of a wedding, not camp for kids, so things that people did as kids going to camp may not necessarily apply.

As I wrote above, this is for four days. The linens will not need to be washed during the stay.
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Best answer: this place appears to offer bedding rentals (bottom) but I don't know if they have that many in stock.

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How about phrasing it as 'BYO sleeping bag and towel', then spend $150 on 60 of those $5-for-two pillows from IKEA?

I agree that asking for people to haul the whole lot would be a pain. But if they're presumably getting a cheap break on accommodation, I don't think asking each person to come up with their own sleeping bag and towel is unreasonable (if the only other option is for you to provide it all). Brand new pillows, and only for 4 nights? Eh, pillowcases can be dispensed with, IMO. Ditto sheets, if people are bringing their own sleeping bags.

(I know that not everyone owns a SB, but presuming they have reasonable notice, most people can rustle up a borrowed one for a few days. If they're picky, they can get hold of one of those silk insert thingies.)
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Best answer: Have you asked nearby camps (either near you or in MO) if you can rent linens from them? If they get them from a rental company ask if you can rent from the camp, with them being the middle man so to speak. Or see if you have connections with any sort of church camp, etc. I'm sure someone somewhere would like to make a few extra dollars to help their budget.
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You can give folks the option:

"Bring your own bedding or for $$ I'll get you some bedding and you can take it home with you, or give it to me and I'll donate it to a homeless shelter when I get home."
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It might be easier to find places that rent sleeping bags.
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Best answer: If you do end up buying, you can donate the sheets after you're done using them (and washing them) and write it off.

I was in a similar situation a few years ago, and we bought around 40 sleeping bags for a couple nights and then they were donated to a shelter.
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