Hong Kong Hens Party Moving Feast
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What hens / bachelorette party themed snacks / canapes and drink can I serve at a hens party on a tram moving through the streets of Hong Kong?

Bonus points if you can tell me where to buy them!
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If you're hiring the whole tram, you can get catering on-board.

If you're using a public tram, I'm afraid they don't allow eating and drinking.
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Response by poster: Sorry, forgot to specify that we're hiring the whole tram, we know they provide catering on board, but we want some fun, hens/bachelorette party themed food and drink to bring on board.
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Cakealicious for a custom baked racy to semi-racy cake?
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Perhaps old-school cocktail party?

Canepes, Rumaki, Endive with crab salad, etc.

Serve with Kir Royale. Elegant, tasty and fun. Perhaps you can all dress in retro dresses.

I'm not sure where to source this stuff, put it used to be standard stuff on all catering menus.
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