Lodging for Two to Three Weeks in Santiago, Chile
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In November I will be spending 2-3 weeks in Santaigo, Chile. This is a long awaited vacation, and I want to make the very most of it! For now, I am interested in your recommendations for a place to stay (details follow).

I will be traveling by myself and want to stay in a B&B/inn that is in a lively, safe neighborhood with street level shops, cafes, restuarants nearby public transportation. In room wifi would be lovely. Private bathroom a plus but not absolutely necessary. Funky/bohemian/artsy would be welcome. A party atmosphere is not at all what I'm after. I'm also not interested in an apartment or shared space. I'm looking to spend $50-100/night. Do you know of such a place in Santiago? Specific B&B recommendations would be great, but I'm also looking for even more general neighborhood recommendations.
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Best answer: Funky/bohemian/artsy would be welcome.

You want Bellavista or Bellas Artes neighbourhoods, though some parts of Bellavista might be to partyish for you (especially near Pio Nono). Can't recommend specific B&Bs, as I live here.
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We stayed at the Hotel del Patio in Bella Vista a couple years ago. It meets your requirements, though I don't know what their current rates are.
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Best answer: Dunno about specifics (especially B&B/inn style might be hard to find) but Bellas Artes is a good fit. Perfect location, right by two metros, buses, cafes, shops, restaurants, all that good stuff. Bellavista is probably a little too party-orientated for you. I've had good experience with Andes hostel (located right across from the Bellas Artes metro.) Not a B&B but you can get a private room for 50 bucks and the service is excellent.
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Response by poster: I've booked an apartment at The Andes. Can't wait to go!
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Good choice, fun neighbourhood, can get most anywhere with $2000 (4 dollar) taxi ride.
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