Car AC service in Billings, MT
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I am looking for somewhere reliable and reasonably-priced to diagnose/fix our car A/C, in Billings, MT. We are on a road trip and only there overnight, so need it done first thing Monday morning.

The car ac started cycling hot and cold air, with longer intervals between each, and finally seeming to give up and just blow hot air. We stopped at Walmart in Missoula and bought a recharge kit, which showed high pressure at the low pressure port. So we hit the road again without adding refrigerant, and now it is blowing cold again. It seems to blow cold when we move fast, and hot if we stop, although this isn't an absolute. So now, I'm thinking a mechanic needs to take a look. I'm not sure we can cope with two more days on the road without reliable ac.
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Best answer: Billings Mefite here.

Fortunately I haven't needed much mechanical work, so my recommendation comes from local reputation rather than much direct experience. But give Staley's a call. My few dealings with them have been great, and their reputation is that they are very honest and helpful.
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Best answer: COR Automotive in Billings does great work (very competitive shop rates) and can handle AC repairs. Phone 406-252-0773 1620 2nd Ave N. 59101. The building is kind of non-descript, grey with blue trim.
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Response by poster: Thanks. It's mysteriously working non-0stop again.
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