When did the calendars stop?
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I had a random childhood recollection pop into my head recently that I haven't found the answer to. I was in the Girl Scouts for a few years in the early 90s. In addition to the cookie sale, we sold wall size and pocket size calendars as a fundraiser. When did GS stop doing the calendar fundraiser? I was in the Colonial Coast Council if it's relevant.
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Looks like they still do, some places.

I was a Girl Scout from 1986 through about 1993, and we never sold calendars. It must vary by region.
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Wow! I was also in the Colonial Coast Council, and I had totally forgotten about those calendars until now!

Looks like many troops have fundraisers in the fall, so maybe that's when the calendars were sold? Most of the info I've found, though, suggests that the sales are now centered on magazines and candy. Here's a site that has images of the yearly calendars through 2008.
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Yeah, we did nuts and calendars in the fall. I remember people's eyes lighting up when they'd see Scouts boothing outside the supermarket and then their faces falling when they'd see we weren't selling cookies. I was a Girl Scout from 1992-2002 in the Los Angeles metro area and I want to say my troop stopped selling nuts and calendars in like...1998?
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I was a Girl Scout in the Hornet's Nest Council in NC from 1984 to 1992. We definitely sold calendars in the 1980s, but stopped before the 1990s I think. I remember having one on my wall several different years though. They had great pictures.
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Interesting. I was thinking around 2000 so I'm pleasantly surprised. And that Vintage Girl Scout site is awesome. Thanks!
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