Country music songs with catfish in them?
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I'd like to surprise my husband tomorrow with a Spotify playlist of every country music song I can find that mentions catfish in the lyrics.

Unfortunately, I had this idea AFTER we'd already left for our anniversary weekend in the middle of nowhere. My phone's internet connection is flaky here and thus searches on websites/apps time out at least 80% of the time. However, once I've added songs to a Spotify Playlist, the connection is good enough for me to (slooooowly) download them to my phone for offline play.

So I beseech you, my dear MeFites back in civilization, to please help me out with this research project. Bonus gratitude points if your answers contain direct Spotify links for the songs (Share, then Copy to Clipboard, then paste the URLs here). If you don't do Spotify, please still feel free to just list song suggestions and I'll try my luck again with search or perhaps some other kind soul (wink wink beg beg) will look up and post the direct Spotify links.

Thanks in advance! I'll post a link to the playlist, once compiled, for anyone else who would like to enjoy our impromptu catfishing soundtrack. :)
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Here's an example of a direct Spotify link to a song with catfish in it:
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Here are a few!
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Catfish John, by Jerry Garcia.
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Allison Krauss sings Catfish John.

It's a little more country and a lot less, well, Grateful Dead.
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Catfish John, various artists
Luke Bryan, Muckalee Creek Water
Josh Turner, Find Me a Baby
Hank Williams Jr, Country Boy Can Survive
Sam Thompson, Okeechobee On My Mind
Randy Houser, Whistlin' Dixie
Luke Bryan, Country Girl / Shake It For Me
Brad Paisley, Mud On The Tires
Wayne Hancock, Kansas City Blues
Mark Chesnutt,, Beer, Bait And Ammo
Bob Wills, Miles And Miles Of Texas
Luke Bryan, What Country Is
Alabama, Red River
Darryl Worley, Tennessee River Run
Rodney Atkins, Growin' Up Like That
Jake Owen, You Can Thank Dixie
Drew Womack, Hey Daisy
Chris Cagle, Hey Ya'll
Buddy Jewell, Sweet Southern Comfort
Lee Roy Parnell, Water To Drowning Man
Kenny Chesney, Outta Here
Lonestar, Walking in Memphis
Brooks and Dunn, Good Day to Be Me
Johnny Cash, Boss Jack
Hank Locklin, We're Gonna Go Fishin' Lyrics
Colt Ford, It's All
Ash Bowers, Country Girls Love
Hank Williams III, Hellbilly
Darrell Scott, Pay Lake
John David Velarde, Hank Said Goodbye
Dolly Parton, Country Is As Country Does
Diamond Rio, It Does Get Better Than This
John Michael Montgomery, Country Thang

...all right, that's enough for me for now. :-)
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sevensnowflakes: thanks, but searches like that are timing out on my current internet connection (hence this AskMe).
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I just logged in to Spotify for the first time using facebook, but I can't figure out how to copy to clipboard from share? It only gives me the option to post to facebook or send to a friend. 'Cause you really should listen to that Colt Ford song--I'd never heard it before, and it's a fun listen.
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Pokey LaFarge - La La Blues
Muddy Waters - Catfish Blues
Taj Mahal - Fishin Blues

Blues, not exactly country. But: catfish!

The Taj Mahal song is one of my all time favorite down-home songs.
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Wow, thank you, everyone! As promised, here's the playlist (a few songs missing -- either I couldn't find them on Spotify or they didn't seem like a good fit with the rest):

Catfishing Playlist

I'll be shaking it for the catfish swimming down deep in the creek all afternoon. :)
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drlith: I'm using the Spotify app for Android and when I Share I get as many options for Sharing as I do for anything else like a link or picture: Facebook, Tumbler, Google+, email, text message, drive, copy URL, etc.

So it's probably a difference between the phone app interface and the Facebook app interface.
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