Professional education/seminars?
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My employer has allocated $500/year as a benefit to me for training. I have not used it yet this year - suggestions? Areas I'd like to focus on - accounting, excel, QuickBooks, management training. I'm open to other things if they would be useful.

I've looked at Skillpath seminars and Quickbooks Pro Advisor, but would be open to suggestions of free training as well, if you have a resource that you think is particularly good.

I've thought about working towards my CPA, but that would be a huge commitment, and would require more than $500 worth of classes. I don't want to let this year's $500 benefit expire without using it. I'm willing to put in some of my own funds, if there is something that is really cool that is $550 or $600.

Atlanta area.

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You can buy a month or two at for essentials training videos on Excel, Quickbooks, and some management principles. That'll cost you $25 for 30 days. I've done several self-paced trainings and they're wonderful.
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Hello, I'm in Atlanta too!

I've done Excel and Access training at New Horizons. Your company may have an agreement with them for discounts on classes. Or not. Either way, both the classes I took there were instructor led, live in a classroom and they were excellent.

The building is near Perimeter Mall, which is convenient for me.

Can't say enough good things about them.
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For 50 a month, you can get unlimited access to O'Reilly's technical books.
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