I seek, what I call, a "flippy little skirt."
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I need a casual summer wardrobe staple: a short, jersey knit black skirt. Alas: because there are further specifications, I cannot find it anywhere.

Here are my further specifications:

1) Short. I'm short (5'2") so it either needs to be VERY short on a regular sized person, or it needs to be a petite size. Knee length or thereabouts is way, way too long. I am not up for getting something like this tailored.

2) A-line. Everything I find is either "skater" cut (way too flared for what I want) or very tight all the way through the butt and legs. I want something in between. A-line. This is probably the stipulation that is the most difficult

3) A thick jersey knit, so it isn't too flimsy.

I had a skirt like this in 7th grade (1995). I believe it was from 5-7-9. Alas again, it is gone, and I now weigh more than 90 lbs anyway.

Basically, I'm looking for the platonic ideal of a plain, fairly casual, a-line black knit mini skirt. I don't need it to be particularly cheap, but I don't want to spend 300 dollars on two and a half square feet of fabric, either. Well-made is more important than cheap.

No ruffles or logos or patterns--PLAIN is very important. Elastic waist is fine.

Anyone? ideas? Help? I'm in NYC, but I am also willing to order this online since I can't find it anywhere.
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I haven't tried any of her stuff, but this Etsy craftsperson makes skirts in a variety of lengths, sizes, materials and shapes.
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Old Navy petite jersey black skirt

The only issue I see is that it's more of a medium weight than a heavy weight. I have at least 4 of these (in the tall version) and they're perfectly work appropriate in my fairly conservative office, but transition easily with a shirt change to going out casual.
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decent exposures sells skirts, and they're really good about adjusting sizes so you can get the length you want. I hate skirts, but this one was comfy and had pockets and was otherwise excellent.
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Here's a nice one from Macy's.

Here's another, it may be too poofy though.

Here's one at Dillards, short enough?

Here's a super-cute one at Nordstrom.

Good Luck!
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OK, this is kind of a sideways answer to your question, so I have no problem if it ends up getting removed. It ignores the "black knit jersey" part of your requirements, but it's my personal go-to answer to the "short, flippy, summer staple skirt."

If you sew even a little bit, or know someone who can sew even a little bit for you, this Simplicity pattern, a roll of elastic, and whatever fabric remnants you can get your hands on will supply you with an endless parade of cute, flattering summer skirts that will get you compliments everywhere. Views A and F are so easy a kid can run one up in an afternoon, and they go with pretty much all of my summer tops.
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It's worth trying on the Old Navy one recommended by skittlekicks but I find it very unflattering (on me, as I'm sure skittlekicks looks great in it), and the non-petite version is quite long on me (5'5").

On the other hand, it's dirt cheap and returns are easy, so.
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I have at least 5 of the old navy ones, maybe 6, in multiple colors. Basically the only thing I wear during the summer.

Since it folds over I haven't had any trouble adjusting the length to where I like it.
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If Banana Republic had this skirt in black, it would probably be perfect, right?

What about something like this charcoal skirt at White House Black Market? Is it A-line enough?

White House Black Market also has this "flirty" skirt but at 20" I don't know if it's short enough?

Look for "ponte knit" when you do searches, as that will get you a nice, heavy weight material.
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LOFT petites has this jersey skirt. I remember touching it in store and thinking the quality is decent - I wouldn't say thick per se but there is some weight and it is silky (I am picky about fabric fwiw).

It may not be sufficiently 'mini' for you though.
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I really really like my Ibex skirt. It's a comfortable, stretchy knit, but it's sturdier and dressier than most cotton jersey skirts I've seen/owned. It's merino wool, but a seasonless weight. Mine is Izzi, but Jaci looks like a better length for you, and cheaper to boot.

Other than that, I agree with devinemissk: look for ponte rather than jersey; it's a more substantial knit and often shows up in more classic styles since it's a work-friendly fabric. You might also consider searching for terry (the looped sweatshirty fabric). This terry skirt is short and ten bucks!
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My dad got me a skirt like this once, and it was made by Hanes, of all things. It was inexpensive and comfortable. Maybe or maybe?
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How about one of these from Title Nine? A couple look like they run quite short and if they're elastic waist, you could maybe turn the waist over on one of the longer ones to shorten it a bit if you liked any of those.
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I admit I'm baffled why you're not up for getting something tailored, because that's one of the easiest and most inexpensive tailoring jobs someone could do and it would expand your options considerably.

But since that's the case - I've actually had good luck at Urban Outfitters in the past. The Gap has this. And if you want to expand your hunting grounds you can try hitting up the Newport Mall in jersey City - there's a PATH connection right there.
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I had good luck with these skirts from an ebay seller. They fit most of the requirements for you in terms of shape and length (I'm 5'3" and they don't hit anywhere close to knee length). The only thing is that they're a bit lighter weight than what you want. Might be worth a shot, though.
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I highly recommend Athleta - excellent quality and reasonable (but not *cheap*) prices. Plus, almost all their skirts or skorts are available in black and in petite sizes.
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This is something that American Apparel does well. There are a few options in their current selection of minis.
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Yea I would go to American Apparel. Most of these skirts recommended seem like they are way too long for what you need. You can definitely get a knit short skirt at American Apparel - but I'd still order a size up from the fit you want since things shrink. If shopping in person, look online and call ahead to the store to see if they have what you want since different stores have different selections. I feel like this is close to what you wanted though not in black.
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You might want to check out American Apparel. I know they had skirts like this in the past, maybe discontinued them when A-line skirts went out of style a while back, but I think A-line is coming back (especially for miniskirt lengths) and they very well may have something that works for you.

The Old Navy versions of this I've seen are too long for what you want and have sort of a frumpy "I haven't paid attention to fashion since 2002" look to them. I remember having one in like 2008 and looking in the mirror one day and just feeling like "WTF, I look like a bag lady, get it off me!" The style can't possibly have become fresher and more timely after five years. Despite the fact that ON continues to carry them.
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Just chiming in with American Apparel. How about this one?
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No I am obsessed with AAs jersey pocket skirt but it is not a mini skirt for a short woman, unless maybe you get a smaller size and have a big butt or something. But then it won't fit right.
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I'm 5'3" and wear the AA jersey pocket skirt as a miniskirt. I would say it's more flared than A-line, but if you wear it at your natural waist it's definitely mini and has a nice swing.
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Weird. I'm 5'3" and wearing a jersey pocket skirt right this minute and it goes straight to the knee and is not in the slightest mini. It's elastic waist though, so most of the sizes will fit on your body, so you can try different ones to see if you want a looser or more mini fit.
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I'm about 5'2" and I have that Old Navy skirt (or the version of it from last year). If you're really opposed to tailoring, maybe you can buy it and cut it to the length you desire. I think it's bias cut so I don't think you have to worry about it unraveling and you want it in black so it shouldn't show too much. And worst case, if it doesn't work out, you spent $20 and now know why it's better to get things tailored if you plan to wear them a lot. I used to do this occasionally with clothes like sweat pants (yeah, not taking those to get hemmed) or jeans where it looked okay if the bottoms were a little raggedy. Just an idea, YMMV.
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Response by poster: None of these are quite right so far, but thank you! The Old Navy one is way too long and way too thin-fabricked and poorly made. All the other ones are either too narrowly cut (more straight than a-line) or too flared ("circle" and "skater" are both way, way, way too flared). American Apparel does not stock the skirt I want. The pocket one, in addition to not being quite a-line enough, has pockets. I actively do not want pockets. Everything else they have is too flared. I do not sew even a little bit, and I'm not getting this tailored because it's too much of an effort to go somewhere and deal with it--I know it's not an effort for everyone, but I'm the kind of person for whom that would be a huge and annoying ordeal and i know it would just never happen, unless it was for a suit or a bridesmaid's dress or something.

Anything else?!
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This one?
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Response by poster: that is close. i prefer no fold over business, and SLIGHTLY less flared, but so far that is the closest!
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try looking for "A line mini" on Polyvore or Shopstyle.
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Response by poster: I did that before coming here! nothing. ok, i'm going to stop sitting upon my thread now.
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I Googled "A line mini" and got the Macy's result, so trawling through shopping sites and places like Polyvore might be your best bet, since it seems like you're looking for something super specific. I know how it is, but sometimes it just takes a lot of legwork.
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If you have a Kohl's in your area, check out the Chaps line (I know, the Chaps of old was stodgy, but these are soft and flattering). I found a soft 1940's-style dress with a twirly, flirty skirted part that gets many random compliments. They had some lovely, flirty skirts in all lengths (but generally well above the knee), solids and patterns, and while I wouldn't consider them flimsy (no slip is needed), they aren't heavy. (They seem to have more navy than black, FWIW, but I did try on black ones.) Unfortunately, there's nothing on the Kohl's web site that matches what I've seen in the past few months in Kohl's in Chattanooga and Atlanta, so you might want to check the sales rack in the Chaps "area" which is usually set far back, beyond the random women's clothing.
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Try A to Z clothing. The skirts are super cute, great cotton. Mine cost $70.
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I have this skirt from Fair Indigo, and I love it. It sounds very close to your requirements, although it might be longer than you want - I am 5'1, and it hits me just above the knee.
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I just saw a whole rack of these in target! They had black & other colors. (I thought "who's going to wear a skirt that short? Hpmh.") not in NY but lots of targets have the same stock, or you could look online. It's probably not the highest quality skirt out there but could get you through a summer or two while you keep looking.
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Boy! Do I have the skirt for you! It's from Garnet Hill (garnethill.com). It's called Flamenco skirt. Mine is 3 tiers but it's not full, more A-line. I have it in black & also charcoal. Elastic waist. medium weight jersey. Nice movement. Every time I wear it anywhere I get tons of compliments, even from strangers. I am size 6, this skirt makes me look size 2. No kidding.
It was $68. I got it on sale for $48 but liked it so much I bought the charcoal one & paid full price.
Only one problem for you - it may be longer than you want. It's not long but I am taller than you are. Have a look.
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