Surely somebody sells a basic red and white striped t-shirt?
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I'm headed to the beach next weekend. I have a spiffy boater hat for sun protection. I would love to find a red and white striped t-shirt to complete the Victorian/Edwardian-ish seaside look, but I am having a heck of a time finding one.

There are plenty of other striped color combinations out there and stripes with faded, washed out reds, but very few bright red/stark white options. Think "Where's Waldo?" - that's what I'm looking for. I'm not trying to be meticulously historically accurate, just trying to capture a gestalt.

This US Polo Association shirt is basically exactly what I'm looking for, except for the big ugly embroidered logo.

There is this shirt from Young Spirit Shop, but it ships straight from Thailand and I can't count on it getting to the U.S. in time.

Of course I could go all-out and order the whole ensemble from Gentleman's Emporium, but I'd prefer not to spend $48 + shipping on something I'm only going to wear a few days a year. If I can find something for around $20 shipped I'll be happy.

I've poked around all of the major mall chain store web sites I can think of, and this shirt from The Gap is the best I've come up with so far... so I'm using an Ask MeFi question on this ridiculous pursuit on the off chance someone has a source I've missed.

So, my question in a nutshell: Does anyone know where to find a t-shirt with bright red and white stripes, without logos, that I can get delivered to my door in a week for about $20?

(Not looking for: "Leave the boater at home, you'll look like a pretentious hipster cosplaying prat" advice. I know I'll look like a prat, thanks.)
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Best answer: Here's something close at The Gap.
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This shirt from J. Peterman is way out of your price range but it's also really high quality and good looking so you might find yourself wearing it more frequently.
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Best answer: Don't know if this would get there in time. Maybe? You know, I think a lot of this is women's. heh.

Oh hey, I actually found one!
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How about a striped crew from American Apparel?
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Best answer: If you're okay with its association, a short-sleeve red telnyashka might do it.
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Response by poster: You guys are the best! (I just pounced on that last eBay listing, phunniemee!)

Keep 'em coming, though, it's good to know what else is out there!
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I have shirts exactly like this from Topshop and of all places, the H&M boys section. $7 and I get compliments on them all the time.
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I am wearing this exact thing from H&M right now. $7. I bought it the other week in Toronto but I can't find one online to show you. Still, might be worth looking there.
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Here are a two options from JCPenny: one, two

And three from Amazon: one, two, three.
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Response by poster: Thanks OrangeDisk - I should have also specified "Mens' Large/Extra Large" in my criteria. I had come across some of those same ones on Amazon but they appear to be available only in smaller sizes and look like they may also ship direct from Asian origins.
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LLBean, woman's boatneck (30, free regular shipping)
Lands' End, woman's size (16 + shipping)
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If you are at all crafty/patient you can DIY one by taping off stripes on a t-shirt and brushing or spraying on fabric paint. One example is here; you would presumably want a heavier coat of paint.
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Response by poster: (Sorry to threadsit. Should also have specified, looking for mens' shirts.)
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USA Soccer wears wide red and white striped jerseys. Here's the men's jersey in their store. It does have a patch of the USA Soccer logo, but it's sewn on, so you could probably remove it. I can't tell how the Nike logo is attached though.
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I am a giant nerd which is why I know about this site. I would really like for me and my SO to have 1900-era bathing costumes. Anyway, here you go, Victorian Bathing Suits like crazy at the Gentleman's Emporium.
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I have a dress that is exactly like this from Uniqlo. It's from a few years ago, and their stuff is very seasonal, but it's worth looking out for. I'm not sure the men's section sells this same type of shirt, but, again, worth looking for there.
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Response by poster: Thanks again, everyone. I jumped on phunniemie's ebay listing for an older Old Navy shirt, and then while out and about yesterday I also picked up one of these American Rag t-shirts at Macy's, in red and black. I'll be building sandcastles in style!

(Apologies to future readers of this thread; links are likely to be broken and specific items unavailable, because that's how it goes with clothing stores. I think Gentleman's Emporium has had those suits for a few years now, though - perhaps next year!)
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Best answer: One last followup. I sometimes feel like the internet is trolling me - I swear these shirts weren't there the first time I looked at Old Navy's web site, but here they are in all their striped glory, pretty much exactly what I was looking for in the first place.
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