Looking for bandana print handkerchiefs.
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I have a single bandana-paisley print handkerchief. I would like to find more, but I am having trouble. What I want is something all cotton that ranges from ~12" square to ~16" square. Regular bandanas are great, but the standard 22" square size is too large for what I am looking for. Can you help?

I know these exist because of the one I have. I prefer double-sided printing and assorted colors.
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Best answer: "OnlyBandanas.com"
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Here are some 14"x14" ones for cheap. http://www.tansclub.com/14dopahapipr.html
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Response by poster: Excellent. Thanks.
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Be careful of cheap. They are often only printed on one side! (Bandana-nut, here)
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Right, like you said. Sorry.
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Response by poster: Beware the tansclub link. They wanted $17 in shipping for three bandanas.
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Response by poster: I ordered from OnlyBandanas. The ones I ordered are perfect, I got four, one of which is only printed on one side. There was no indication of this on the website. Prices and shipping were reasonable.
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