Name this fake documentary style nature show from IFC from 15 years ago.
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I saw this series of shows a while back. 15 years ago maybe. 12? 17? I think they were on IFC, but that could be wrong. They were fictional nature shows, sort of like Discovery Channel style. They just had a voice over guy I think. Not a host. Except for that last show I think, where he froze to death or died somehow. I think. I might have also been some side project from a famous actor or something. As you can tell, all these details are pretty grey. Any of it ringing a bell? Thanks.
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Best answer: Fishing With John.
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Sara C. beat me to it. It's gotta be the glorious Fishing With John!
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That's totally Fishing With John! It was hosted by actor/musician/artist John Lurie, and various famous folks like Tom Waits and Matt Dillon. Lurie ostensibly froze to death in the ice-fishing episode with Willem Dafoe. In the next episode, the narrator intoned, "I made a mistake. John is still alive", and then it's never mentioned again. The DVDs are available from Criterion, or you can watch the show on Netflix.
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Dang nabbit, Sara C. (and scody) beat me to it. I was like "oh, oh! Fishing with John!" It is so good.

Episode 1 - Montauk with Jim Jarmusch
Episode 2 - Jamaica with Tom Waits
Episode 3 - Costa Rica with Matt Dillon
Episode 4 - Maine with Willem Dafoe
Episode 5 & 6 - Dennis Hopper
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Oh, that theme song! Fishing ....... with John.

Fishiiiiiing ...

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out... on... the waaatter...
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FYI, just checked and it is available online with Hulu Plus and discs available on Netflix.

Thank you a million times AskMeFi and all of you for introducing this to me, I cannot wait to watch it.
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this is brilliant, thanks so much!
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Response by poster: Sweet! You are the best.
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One of the many life-improving side effects of watching Fishing With John is that Robb Webb's voiceover will eventually start to narrate your own life in your own head. "As always, night turns into day."
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Definitely Fishing with John.

I recommend getting the Criterion DVD for the extra features, including the video for The Lounge Lizards' Big Heart.

Toncho has assumed his bird form!
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