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It's been asked before, but what's the current best recommendation for a service that can scan several thousand family photos?

Right now I'm leaning toward using Scan Cafe but I'm hearing so many pros and cons for every service out there I don't know what to do. What's the current best option?

Bonus question: Once everything has been scanned, what software/service/??? do I use to add metadata so these photos are actually useful?
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Best answer: I've had a couple thousand family negatives, slides and paper photos scanned by scancafe and I've been very pleased with the quality and price*. I've even had a couple of photos restored with good results. I've always chosen the cheaper, slower, scanning-in-india option and have never worried about it.

*They run many discounts - so I usually wait for at least a 15% discount before sending in a big order.
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Best answer: My wife and I have successfully used, which was recommended by David Pogue many years ago. We were pleased with the results. I believe we did their prepaid box. There are various upgrade options (some of which Pogue recommends, and which I think we used), though they may have changed somewhat over the years.
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(I just checked our records, and it turns out we last used ScanMyPhotos in 2009, so that may not be recent enough for you to feel comfortable judging the service by.)
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Best answer: I've used scancafe and digmypics within the last 6 months and would recommend both. Digmypics produces scans of a slightly better quality and has top class customer service while scancafe has a better price.
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Best answer: I just had slightly over 600 photos scanned by digmypics about a month ago, and was pleased with the results. The price was higher than quoted originally, but that was entirely my fault for miscounting the number of photos I had (estimating by weight didn't really work). The image quality was great, they did some good color correction for a batch of mid-80s film that had faded to reddish, and I really loved being able to see almost-realtime results of what they were scanning. I've put mine onto Flickr, mostly for ease of use in sharing with relatives of varying technical abilities.
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And to answer your other question - it's not the quickest thing to do, but i just use iPhoto to tag my photos and then I can organize them using smart albums.
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