Where to buy girls' cotton nightgowns?
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I'm looking for 100% cotton summer nightgowns for Go Banana jr., which is proving to be much more difficult than expected as everything appears to be polyester (so they don't burst into flame, apparently). I found exactly what I want through Boden, but alas they are entirely sold out in her size. Where can I buy these? It would be ideal to buy them in person in the Toronto area, but on-line is also fine. I'm looking for size 7-8.
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I bought 100% organic cotton PJs for my kids at Costco in Canada. YMMV.
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I guess they might have that trailer trash je ne sais quoi, but growing up the vast majority of my nightgowns were re-purposed adult t-shirts. Even as an adult I can comfortably wear an XXL without bottoms (I'm 5'4). Pretty easy to find 100% cotton t-shirts.
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If you don't mind long sleeves, Boden has a similar nightgown available in all sizes, shipping next week.
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There's no nightgown in children's sizes, but there's 'short johns' in organic cotton from Hanna Anderssen - apparently in the same stripey colors they had back in the '80s and newer prints as well. If the quality is the same as when I was a kid, these will last. The customer service number says 'USA and Canada' so I assume they ship there.
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You might try the Vermont Country Store, they have lots of retro / real cotton nightgowns from Lanz of Austria - mostly women's - could she wear a small?
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Response by poster: The Boden long sleeve looks decent. Just to be clear, it's essential that this be a gown and not pjs. My daughter is only four but her determination to wear exactly what she wants far outstrips her years.
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You might also try calling Boden, because sometimes their online inventory isn't caught up with their returns. I once got a supposedly "sold out" item from them by calling.
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I would check Honest Ed's first, they can surprise you. Also, a little girls' nightgown is probably a fairly straightforward sewing project, if you're so inclined.
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Here are some pretty white cotton nightgowns from Amazon.
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Go to bodenpreview.com and start buying the fall nightgowns. They ship in 1 week and all sizes are in stock.
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