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How do you go about finding (paid) focus groups to be part of either virtually, by phone or locally? I found a couple of consulting firms in town, and signed up with them, but online searches for remote or phone interview groups make me a little uncomfortable because I don't know which ones are legit and which ones are just click-bait.
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Look on Craigslist under Etc Jobs category postings for focus groups or usability studies. As somebody who runs such studies, I rely on that for a lot of my recruiting.
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Yelp is another good one. Search for "focus groups" in your city.
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Go to a local college/university and look at bulletin boards and signposts where people can post advertisements. Researchers will often advertise such opportunities there.
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Are there any actual websites that legitimately act as a data base for consulting firms that then allow you to sign up directly with the firm?
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I'm registered here: Advanced Focus
I've participated in one of their focus groups, and it was legit and paid.
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