Brooklyn MeFites: please help us find a co-op aprt in Kensington/Ditmas
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We have a buyer for our current co-op, which means we really need to get a move on finding a co-op to move to in Kensington or Ditmas Park. Brooklyn (or nyc) MeFites, help us out here.

-Do you know any agents/brokers who deal with those neighborhoods (or even Midwood, at this point)? You can MeMail the names/numbers if you'd like.

-Any tips for searching? We're hitting up Trulia, Zillow, StreetEasy, and the Brooklyn MLS system on a daily basis, along with the individual sites of a few brokers that deal with those areas specifically. Craigslist has been surprisingly useless. We're also asking everyone we know for names. Do any of the local papers/blogs have decent real estate listings? Unless I'm missing something, Kensington Prospect is now useless for real estate.

-We are hoping that the majority of available property just gets sold before they have have a chance to get listed. Did any of you find your BROOKLYN coop or condo through websites?
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I recently bought an apartment on the DP side of the DP/Midwood border--memail me and I can give you more info if you like. Hope to have you as neighbors!
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Have you checked out the local blog as well as the Brooklyn Hearth website?
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We found our coop through Streeteasy, and it isn't far from Ditmas. I'd use Streeteasy and other sites to figure out the buildings that you're interested in and then write to or call the agents that regularly have listings in those buildings to let them know what you're looking for and what your budget is.
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