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Hey All, OK, I know that this is a totally random post. So I have seen a few online timers, but most have a heart pounding alarm- yeah that ain't gonna work. I want to set an alarm for 5 minutes. I work for 5 mins, and than I watch a show or surf online for 5 mins. Most days I have my phone, and that works fine, but today it is out of juice.

I think a great count down timer would be A. Your screen image would shake, so you would be alerted that it is time to stop procrastinating and get back to work. OR, you designate the website that you are loafing on and it would lock you out for your designated time, like 5 mins. As an aside: I know i saw a mindful timer that had like zen bells before, anyone know of this? The bell bring you back to the present moment, so that would be great.

Since these dream applications are probably not yet realized , any regular count-down timer that does not have a crazy alarm will work- also I like the count-down to be shown on the tab- I know I'm asking for a lot . Ok, the follow-up is a free virtual assistant. On my days off I type up lists to get done at home or a work, yea I email them to myself, but it would be great if I there was a service where I could type out my list and have it sent to me at a designated time. This would be a useful tool to help me keep on task with a project that I am trying to break down. Any ideas? If the list can not be emailed to me, is there a site that I can go to? thanks
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This sounds a lot like the Pomodoro Technique, so you might try looking for apps with that keyword. Sorry I don't have any app recommendations, I'm very clock focused.
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Menubar Countdown - Macintosh Menu bar app that does not have heart pounding alarms (you can have none, or just a pop up, or make it say text aloud.). I use it and I like it.

I also use and like Focus Booster - It's an Adobe Air app so runs on Mac and Windows. Has alarms, but they can be easily disabled.

Emailing your list at a specific time: If you use a mac, Calendar can do this. On the web, I think you can do it with Google Calendar. Just put your to-do list in the Description field and have it email you a reminder at a specific time.
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If you're using Firefox, you can use LeechBlock to block specific web sites at specific time.
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Magic Work Cycle shows the count-down on the tab. You can switch the alarm from Big Ben to "Gentle", or just mute it.
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