How can I get a sport coat on very short notice?
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I'm on a business trip which I didn't expect to include any formal meetings, so I foolishly didn't bring any dressy clothes. I've suddenly ended up with a meeting at which I really should wear at least a blazer or sport coat.

I have several very nice ones at home, but of course that doesn't help me here. Every time I've bought one in the past it's needed alteration, which takes a couple of days. I need to get it tomorrow night at the latest. I'd rather not spend a ton of money on this, since I don't actually need another sport coat aside from not having one with me on this one trip. But I also can't be looking like I picked something off the rack at a thrift store. In other words, it needs to look nice, but just for one day! Any advice on the best way to tackle this? If I just go into a Nordstrom or Macy's will they be able to accommodate this? Is something like Jos. A Bank better?
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Jos A. Bank is garbage, but cheap garbage. Unless your proportions are wonky, an off-the-rack jacket will probably suffice. The most important fit is the shoulder, next is the sleeve length, then the sides.

It is also possible to pay extra to have a tailor expedite the alterations, but you did not say how short your time is...
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Any chance someone at home could FedEx you a jacket?
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Response by poster: Sorry, to clarify, my timeline is that I can shop tonight, and I need to pick it up by tomorrow evening at the absolute latest (something I could take home tonight would be vastly better, but I could make picking it up tomorrow work).

I routinely avoid Jos. A Bank (and cheap clothing in general -- I like to pay for quality), but I'm thinking this might be one situation where it's warranted, since I'm unlikely to wear this again...
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Best answer: Macy's will be your best bet. They have a ton of great sport jackets and shit be on sale every day of the year. Just try stuff on until you find something that works.

Ask them for a coupon. They'll always have one.
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Ask them for a coupon. They'll always have one.

Most Macy's will also issue you a tourist's discount. Just go to customer service and show them your out-of-state ID and they'll give you a(nother) coupon for some percent off. I think it might be 15%.
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Secondhand stores or rental? Seems crazy to pay $200 or something for a junky coat you'll never wear again
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are you close to an airport? It might be cheaper to have someone send you your jacket via one of the airlines cargo services. I"m familiar with Alaska Airlines' Gold Streak service which would cost you about $85.00 to ship from San Jose to Washington National (just the example I plugged into their calculator.) It requires someone to go to the airport on both ends, but if you're close it could be worth it. (and you pick up at the cargo terminal so it's less hassle.)
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Best answer: Yeah, any department store should be able to find something for you that will at least - fit. Sleeves can be safety-pinned if they're too long. Everything else can just kinda - hang.
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Banana Republic and J. Crew and their ilk can have decent suit and sport coats that sometimes fit off the rack a bit better.
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Check consignment stores. Good stuff there.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the advice. I ended up going to the mall, and Dillard's came through. Really nice sportcoat, at a great price on clearance, and it fits well enough that it doesn't need any alterations. Win-win-win!

Having someone ship one of my existing jackets to me is definitely a great idea, but unfortunately it logistically wasn't possible in this situation.
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