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Wifilter: Wired + Wireless network architecture: How can I protect my wired machines, but still access them from my wireless devices?

So the network looks like this DSL = IP1 (Wireless AP) + IP2 (Linux box -> (more machines here)). My wireless network is not currently secured, but I'm fine with that given that the rest of my boxes are behind my linux machine. Non-Linux box machines are windows.
However, now I'd like to connect a wireless machine to the wired network more or less permanently. The goal would be to access file shares (music, etc) on the wired network.
I'd rather not loose the flexibility of running an unsecured wifi hotspot.
Is there a fairly painless way of letting a few machines tunnel into my wired network 'securely'? Does this spell 'VPN'? What products are good? Any alternatives to this?
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You might want to look at getting a Linksys WRT54G router and then getting the Sveasoft firmware for it. There are a couple of VPN options you can add to this firmware to give you access to your wired network. Also supports most of the IP tables filters, so you might be able to eliminate your Linux box if you're only using it for a firewall. In any case I highly recommend this router and the sveasoft firmware, you can do tons of stuff with it and development is on going.
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