Trying to remember a cartoon about a firework
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I have a dim childhood memory of an animated episode about an anthropomorphic firework, possibly a reluctant one. Did this exist or was it some weird dream?

It would have been in the 70's or 80's, I remember the animation was on a par with Disney or Warner Brothers so probably not a student film. But then again I have had vivid dreams in childhood about movies that don't exist, so this might be yet another.

The firework was one of those large sky-rockets, a cylinder, with a stick to launch it from, a conical cap on top, and in this case it had a face on the side. I think there was a narrator for the story. In the story, I seem to recall, it had some kind of character flaw; it cowardly and reluctant and was afraid of being blown up while all the other fireworks were excited about the idea, or perhaps it was boastful and bragged about how big it could explode. Various things happen to it and eventually it does get lit and launched and --

--- and I don't remember if it exploded and was 'killed' or if something else happened to it, and it's driving me crazy. It seemed, or seems, like a rather dark idea for a kid's cartoon.
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I think I remember this too. Was it this Schoolhouse Rock video?
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(Sorry, no it wasn't. I can recall the image I think you are remembering, though. I seem to recall him looking disgruntled and rubbing his bottom after a fall of some kind).
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Response by poster: That's it, EXISTENZ IS PAUSED! That's exactly it! And it's even more surreal and freakish than I remember! Thank you!
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