Looking for a plastic football helmet to use in cosplay
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I'm making a Commander Keen cosplay and all I'm missing is the helmet. The trouble is, I don't know where to find a cheap football helmet that I can justify painting over, and I'd rather work from a base than make one from scratch. I know the character's helmet is supposed to resemble a Packers helmet, but without the logo (and with some heavy bruises), so that might be a place to start.
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Not sure where you're located, but used sports equipment stores, like 'Play It Again Sports' usually have a selection of pretty cheap helmets.
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It might help you to search for "Full size replica football helmet". That will find you plenty of options for under $100.
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I thought plastic (cheap blown plastic) sports helmets would be par for the course at costume shops.

Scratch idea: paper-mache-modified gallon milk jug. You can probably warm it up and deform it into something more spherical yourself, and then let it cool, layer on some paper-mache, and then paint, shape, etc.

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