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Where to stay for one night between Providence and NYC?

I'm driving from Providence, RI to NYC and, because of the way my plans worked out, I have one night to kill along the way. Can you recommend a place to stay for one night that's between the two cities?

If it's just a pleasant hotel where I can kill an evening (and by pleasant, I mean it has a pool where I can swim laps), that's totally cool. If it's an interesting little town I might never see otherwise, even better!
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Mystic, CT is a lovely place to spend an evening. Good culinary scene, plenty of bars, cute town, ocean, etc. etc.
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I would recommend Mystic too. Go to Mystic Seaport in the morning. For breakfast, get the Portuguese Fisherman at Kitchen Little.
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Best answer: Halfway between the two would put you a little bit east of New Haven. Old Saybrook, Madison, or Guilford would be excellent "interesting little towns" around there.

Madison has a surprisingly terrible website, but it's got a great old-fashioned American main street with lots of little shops, a movie theatre, etc. Upscale but not snooty. Guilford is just classic New England, with a huge town green and NE's oldest stone house. Old Saybrook is very pretty, has an old soda fountain and another nice main street, and is a nice mix of upscale with, I don't know, shabby-chic. If you will.

I don't have any particular hotels to recommend, but if any of those sound good to you, that might narrow down where you want to look.

PM me if you have any questions!

(On preview, Mystic is always great, but that will leave a lot more driving for your second day, if you care about that.)
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Best answer: Stonington, CT is also pretty cool, though smaller than Mystic. Whatever you do though, you should go through Niantic so you can go to the Book Barn, because that place is pretty much heaven. The first time I went, I saw tote bags hanging up for use as "shopping bags" and I was like "no way will I buy a tote bag of books." Two bags later ...
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Just for driving reckoning, Mystic is about 2.5 hours from NYC barring unusual traffic. It can take longer to get from a major highway to a destination within NYC, though.
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Sorry to post again - if you go to Stonington (which is one of my favorite places in the world) you want "Stonington Borough" as the search term, not the town of Stonington (or North Stonington.) And Niantic is also awesome, and it was just voted as the best town in CT in a tourism contest, which might mean it'll be sort of crowded. (It's not technically a town, but that's another matter...)

But again, if you want to split your travel time evenly, I'd try to get closer to New Haven.
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Response by poster: You guys always know. I had a lovely trip (including 2 hours at Book Barn).
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