Identifying a musical which has girls faces behind dusty windowpanes
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I saw a 10-second clip from an old movie or television program, where a man is singing in front of a dirty window with multiple panes. As he sings, he wipes each windowpane with his rag, and behind each dusty windowpane is a woman singing. What was I watching?
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I'm not sure exactly which one, but I'm nearly certain I saw this in a Busby Berkeley musical.
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The movie Annie, maybe?
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Response by poster: Hmm, neither of those are correct so far. It was definitely in colour, if that helps.
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I don't suppose you remember any of the lyrics they were singing? I'd really like to know the answer to this, and am frustrated that I don't (and no one else seems to).
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, I don't know any of the lyrics. This was a brief 10-second clip in a ridiculous video montage playing on mute in a restaurant chain called "Jack Astor's".
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