Dev help: Facebook invites, mobile apps, custom strings?
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Calling other developers: I've got an app right now with a problem that I'm butting my head against...

so hoping somebody in the hive has more experience integrating Facebook's mobile SDK's, and can offer suggestion.

I have private groups in this application. The way invitees join these groups is by entering an invite code (B7EH9, for example). This is not a problem for email and SMS invites; send the code and wash your hands.

Facebook is presenting a problem, though -- and the client requires that we have Facebook invites. From what I can tell in the Facebook Android/iOS SDK's, I can send an app request (FBWebDialog). I can specify a string to accompany that request. This would appear to be a fit for my needs... but the custom string only gets sent in the event that the recipient already has the app authorized and installed. If the invitee does not already have the app installed (i.e. the request is a true invitation), then the invitee receives a generic "person X has invited you to try app Y" message.

That obviously won't work, since we need to pass a code. Any ideas? Invitations have to be private and contain a code.
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Not sure I grok all the details as I'm not a facebook dev but did you look at FBWebDialogsDelegate, seems to have potential to handle convoluted situations.
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