Trampoline + uterus.
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What did I just do?

I'm 40 years old and I have lady parts.

I was at a barbecue the other night and decided to get on my friend's trampoline with their kids. After a bit of pretty rigorous jumping I started to feel a nice warm feeling between my legs. I have a Mirena IUD and I've gotten used to a little extra discharge and moisture, so I didn't think too much of it. But when I got off the trampoline a few minutes later, I was obviously soaked, though at least I had dark jeans on and could get to the bathroom. I must have let loose almost a quarter cup of ... liquid. Water? It didn't smell like pee, nor did it smell like the sometimes not-nice Mirena discharge. Just a bunch of water.

IKYANMgyno but, what the hell? I'm normal weight, athletic, and had no other indications I've been carrying around little extra teacups of water. I've never been pregnant, never had any bladder issues, not sexually active, but do have a tennis ball-sized fibroid on one side, which has been aching a bit since this happened. The Mirena has totally stopped my periods (I L O V E I T S O M U C H) so there's been none of that going on anymore, e.g. no bloating or back pain. Just a few weeks ago I went in for a pap smear and ultrasound to check the size of the fibroid, and it has apparently doubled in size since I had the Mirena installed two years ago, but other than that everything looked good. Before the Mirena it hurt constantly, but now it doesn't. I felt around in my vagina and cervix and everybody seems to be at their stations.

Should I be worried? With the insurance I have it would cost me several hundred dollars to go back to my gynecologist, and I'm not sure if I'm overreacting.
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This is definitely a call the doctor/nurse and ask moment. Best to get an answer from them.
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Call a nurse at your Gyno's practice. Relay to him/her what you've relayed to us. Nurses have heard it ALL and can probably address your concern without an office visit. The info would most probably be either:

1. Yeah, that can happen, keep an eye on it, and if nothing else happens, you're fine.


2. Gosh, that's worrysome, lets see if we can get you in tomorrow.

I got a period-like thing about 5 years after my hysterectomy. I called my nurse and she said, "That can happen. If you get a steady flow, come on in, but if it was a one-off, don't worry, you're fine."

I was fine.
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You female ejaculated on a trampoline! Wait. You didn't even get to enjoy it because you didn't know it was happening. Shucks. I agree with the others: with anything implanted in our bodies, call the doctor when something funky happens.
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I absolutely agree that you should talk to your doctor about this, because I am not a doctor, I'm not examining you, I'm just the internet, but I would bet a small amount of money that you are experiencing the effects of hydrosalpinx.
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I agree with checking with your doctor.

But anecdotally, I went on a trampoline once with no Mirena and no fibroids and experienced the same thing. Even though no one else noticed, I was horrified so I didn't say anything to anyone. Over the course of conversation later that day, though, the owner of the trampoline mentioned a female friend who couldn't go on it "because she had a folded uterus and it made her pee when she bounced." Obviously not bona-fide medical information, but definitely proof that it is A Thing.
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I am not a doctor but I have a uterus and sometimes read books.

It sounds to me like you may have done something which caused fluid to drain from the fibroid (and I have no idea if that would be a bad thing or a good thing) or you burst an ovarian cyst.

Your experience reminds me of something I went through. My genetic disorder predisposes me to nasal polyps. Long before I was diagnosed with the genetic disorder, I was diagnosed with a nasal polyp. They didn't know what was going on and scheduled exploratory surgery. Due to heavy snowfall and other stuff, surgery was postponed a couple of times. Sometime during the interrim, I had pain in my face and clear fluid gushed from my nose. The day before surgery, they took x-rays and the polyp was gone. They didn't know why but cancelled surgery. So I think it burst and healed on its own.

So my vote: Pain + gushing clear liquid = something burst. This may or may not be a problem. For me, it was a good thing. But I also have a good idea what burst and that it healed (rather than becoming a bigger problem) because I had medical exams both before and after. So getting a look-see would probably be for the best.
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What you probably experienced is called Stress Incontinence and is an extremely common thing on trampolines especially amongst women.
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If you were at a party, where you were drinking more than usual, either alcohol or not? Your bladder may have been pretty full, but not to the point of notifying your brain that it needed to be emptied. So the jumping just encouraged pee to leak out. And it may not have been very concentrated (because again, party, outside, warm weather, you were drinking more fluid than usual) so it didn't smell bad.

These are the ramblings of an Internet stranger with leaky lady parts, not a doctor or even someone who's used an IUD before, so YMMV.
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Yeah, what tenaciousmoon is describing is the reason I'm not great at jumping rope for long periods of time. I have a Mirena IUD too. A lot of the ladies I work out with say the same thing, especially the ones who have borne children (I haven't though).
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In my experience, "nice warm feeling between my legs" + soaking release of a liquid that doesn't smell like pee = female ejaculation. I've never had it happen on a trampoline, but come to think of it, I've never gone trampolining. Maybe I should try it sometime . . .

(Also, anecdotally, I didn't start experiencing female ejaculation until after I got my Mirena, but I don't know if there's a causal connection.)

That's not to say you shouldn't consult a medical professional. Some of the other explanations for the fluid release sound plausible, too.
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I wouldn't lean to much at it being a burst fibroid or cyst. A friend had a cyst burst once and she was in screaming agony. It's not an ignorable feeling, and is commonly mistaken for an infected appendix.
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I'm 37 and recently went to a trampoline gym with my kid. I peed with EVERY BOUNCE. I couldn't feel the pee coming out, like, "oh, I'm peeing!" But because I was wearing tight, thin workout pants, I could immediately feel the wetness spreading with each landing, so I knew what was going on. Thank god they were black pants that I knew didn't show even a soaking sweat so I figured no one could see my pee.

I went to the bathroom and tried to force out every drop of pee. Nope. I still peed with every jump. Obviously I had to quit jumping. And no, it didn't smell like pee. Fresh pee doesn't usually stink! I mean, unless for some reason it's really concentrated, but it's not unusual for fresh urine to have no odor. I don't want to discourage you from seeing a doctor, but I would bet money that the wetness was pee.
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As a male-part having SO of a lady with fibroids and cysts, for what it's worth, when those suckers let loose it is not a gentle hey-howdy there's some fluid sort of thing and more like an if I could move my body for the pain I would fling myself out the window sort of event.
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I'm gonna reiterate the people saying it's pee, and it doesn't have to smell.

Datapoint - the first time I went on a trampoline after giving birth, it felt like my insides were bouncing around. It freaked me out and I immediately got off. Time to do more Kegels. I told my midwife this, and she laughed at me for not knowing that would happen ("duh!") beforehand.

So it definitely happens after you've had kids and I wouldn't be surprised at all if there could be various reasons for it to happen in general anyway.
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My guess would be that your fibroid collided with your bladder repeatedly as you happily bounced away, pushing out what small amount of urine was there. As noted above, urine should have no odor at all unless you're dehydrated or have an infection.

But just one other thing: Please ask your doctor for a CA125 test or a transvaginal ultrasound to check that fibroid more closely - your risk for endometrial/ovarian cancer is significant (40 years old and never been pregnant), a growing fibroid justifies the transvaginal ultrasound from your insurance company's standpoint, and - ah, why not? Get it checked and be sure.

Wish I could still play on a trampoline, though ... fun.
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This happened to me when I was taking trampolining lessons (it's an Olympic sport!). You can imagine my embarrassment when we had to stretch afterwards and I realized the 12 year-olds might notice the 26 year-old "peed her pants" while she was in a center split stretch.
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