Help me keep the hose on my rain barrel from wandering into my roses
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The rain barrel in my garden has a plastic flex clip on it to hold the hose that's attached to the barrel. Or rather it did. Half of it broke off months ago. I've checked Home Depot, Canadian Tire and Rona, and none of them carried a replacement clip. The rain barrel was installed about five years ago courtesy of the City of Toronto as part of their drainpipe disconnection program, so I don't have the option of going back to the supplier for it. Does anyone know where I can get a suitable replacement clip on the internet?
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Can you remove the screws that held the previous clip and screw in a hose clamp? You might need to replace the screws with small machine bolts and nuts depending on how big the holes in the barrel are.
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I've already taken the clip off the barrel; what I want to know is where can I buy something such as a hose clamp that will hold the hose?
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The clip is just sort of a hook, right? If so I would either repurpose some other sort of hook or make one to suit your needs. A "hose clamp" is something else - it's not going to make it easy to remove the hose.
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The cheapest fix is to take a slightly larger diameter of rigid PVC or ABS pipe (any home depot or etc will have it) and cut out a small length of the pipe (about 1" or so) than cut out a section of the pipe so it looks like a C or like your missing clip. Than you can drill a couple of pilot holes and you should be able to make this work. It will probably take you a few tries to get it perfect. A hacksaw is the best tool to cut the pvc tubing like I am describing, but a dremel will also do it.
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How often do you need to take the hose off the barrel? If not often, or at all, put the broken clip back on and slip a couple of zip ties behind it. Snug them to the hose and let the magic work. Fast, cheap, and under control.
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If this is supposed to permanently mount the hose (not a hook that you lift the hose off of), you could use two "fastener-mount cable ties", available at radio shack or hardware stores.
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How about using a broom clip (or grip clip, as I see they're called?) They're inexpensive and available at most hardware stores. You already have the holes for screws there, so they should be easy to install.
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Get a hose clamp, like this. Any auto parts store will have them. Open it up (unscrew the screw until it pops apart). Unscrew one of the screws for the old clamp from the barrel, and screw it back in through one of the slots in the hose clamp. Re-close the hose clamp around your hose.

Note that this is the Mechanical Engineer, Car Wash-tough method. Zip ties, mentioned above, also will work.
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I think you might want a fastener mount cable holder. (See 445supermag's link above)
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Eh, zip tie or stout wire twist.
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I don't want to permanently mount the hose — I need to take it down regularly so zip ties or hose clamps will not work.

I thought of cutting pipe to make a new flex clip, but couldn't find a hose in the right size.

A broom clip or grip clip the right size (they're usually too small for this hose) should work, so I'll try finding one to fit the hose.
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What about velcro ties? You might just use a screw right through the velcro to mount one to the rain barrel, then they can be undone to remove and replace the hose? It's a little fiddly, but that's more flexible in size.
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do you need to have a flexible hose on the barrel ? That hose looks like the over-flow for the rain barrel, yes ?

If so, any number of PVC fittings can replace the hose and with different combinations of elbows, may allow you to re-direct the overflow in a number of directions.

(I use PVC for my overflows, threaded adapters to the barrel, and 45/90 degree elbows with straight segments to direct. None of it is glued -- leaks aren't a big problem).
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The largest size of bulldog binder clip might work.
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No, the hose isn't for directing overflow. I use it for watering the garden, either by attaching another hose to it or using it to fill a bucket. So I do need a clip that allows me to take the hose in and out.

Rust is another issue. This rain barrel sits out in the open, and I want this clip to last for years.
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Have you looked at Grainger's hose and cable wire clamp selection?
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