How to find day labor / packing & cleaning support in Belmont, MA?
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I am looking for a couple of people to help someone pack and clean a room in preparation for moving. Little heavy lifting required, just need a couple of strong bodies to take direction for a few hours. Is there a resource for finding (hopefully inexpensive) day labor in the Watertown/Belmont/Waltham area? Out here in California, for example, I would look into a Job Center, but am not coming up with a similar resource in the Boston area. Thank you for any information!
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I had a good experience with people I found on MovingHelp. They're nationwide.
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Best answer: Belmont has a Yahoo group that is frequented by a lot of folks who would either be able to offer up their kids (if you'll accept older teenager types of people) or people locally who have helped them. Most of the stuff in that area is either the Yahoo group or the Metro West sections of Craigslist (labor section here).
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Best answer:
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According to this list of day labor centers in the U.S. it doesn't look like there are any in Massachusetts. If it works the way it works in most cities, you are likely to find day laborers seeking work outside home improvement/hardware/lumber stores. You might try calling or emailing one of the centers on the list I linked--I bet they would know what goes on in Massachusetts.
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Another vote for Task Rabbit.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone! Taskrabbit it is - found someone to help within 5 minutes. He shows up tomorrow afternoon, I hope!
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