Please Help Me Find a Gargoyle
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A verbal altercation with a neighbor (over a trashcan! Feh, neighbors!) has ruined my week, and I've put it in my head that the best way to fend off this demon is to mount a gargoyle on one of my fenceposts.

Easy, right? Standard galvanized steel fence post with the little dome post cap. Surely somebody makes one with a gargoyle on top. Nothing extravagant, just a gargoyle finial.

Not that I can find.

Maybe you know where to get a gargoyle?

A nice wall mounted one will do, too. But the post cap would be ideal. Not really keen on the sharp fang and claw variety of gargoyle. Little Dedo, the Spitting Gargoyle or this little guy are my type of gargoyle. Since water won't run through it, technically what I'm after is a grotesque, not a gargoyle, but let's not overthink this.
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Would this one work?
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Response by poster: That's a nice looking gargoyle, DirtyOldTown. Unfortunately, at 15" high, it's a little bigger than I need. I probably should have included that in my question.

Let's say 6-8" max height.

Thanks for digging that one up.
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There's a gargoyle statuary in Seattle called, creatively enough, Gargoyle Statuary. I haven't looked through their inventory in some time, but it might be a good place to check out. Fun, anyway.

Having trouble linking properly, but here's the address -
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Kinda small, but they could replace the steel caps.
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If you can wait for Halloween, Target usually have a few. I leave mine out 365.
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