Find me my summer footwear!
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Help me find a pair of men's flip flops in Chicago that look like this.

I'm picky about my flip flops as I'm both rough on my shoes and wear flip-flops all summer long. In particular, the two things I'm looking for are:

- "Foam" or nubuck bottom like in the ones I linked to. I do NOT want Rainbows or anything similar to them as I find that kind of leather chafes my feet after a while.
- A fabric strap between the big toe and second toe, not a leather strap.

I'm willing to pay a premium for flip-flops and in fact would be willing to pay for the ones I linked to above, except that Vineyard Vines doesn't seem to distribute at all in the city of Chicago. (They seem to be available at Old Orchard but I don't really want to schlep up to Skokie if I can avoid it.) Ideally, I'd like a pair that is as similar to the ones I linked to as possible that I can find within city limits, up to $50 for a pair.

(Oh, and I intentionally picked the least animal-like straps as that's one thing I don't particularly like. No whale straps, please!)
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Is ordering online out of the question? Those exact flipflops seems to be on Zappos with free shipping. And I've found they often upgrade you to overnight shipping for free, too, after you've ordered.
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I was going to suggest J.Crew's standard cloth-strap flip-flops, which are an almost identical design, but it looks like they are moving away from selling their own brand of footwear and I couldn't find them online. If Zappos works for you, then I think duien has the best answer.
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Do you have a Kohl's near you? Lots of sandals, and some seem to fit your specs. Nike, Vintage Stone and Tony Hawk all seem pretty unobtrusive with some non-leather options.
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I walked by the Crocs store on State Street a couple of days ago and they had some flip flops that appeared to be foam and canvas. I didn't investigate too closely because I was in a hurry.
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Nordstrom Rack on State had these or comparable.
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Response by poster: Stopgap: It's funny you should mention that because the J Crew ones are the ones that I own! But three years later they're starting to wear thin, and it was discovering that J Crew seems to have discontinued that line that prompted me to ask this question.

Also, the only thing against online is that I'm leaving town pretty soon so didn't want to miss a package. But if Zappos has fast shopping that could be workable!
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