Trooping the Colour
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I am visiting London and would like to see the Queen at Trooping the Colour on Saturday. Need some advice on how best to do that.

Evidently there is a parade and a flyover. We are already familiar with the area after seeing the Changing of the Guards earlier this week. We are looking for the best strategy to see the Queen and her grandsons, if either will be in attendance. Where and when, and a plan that doesn't involve standing around for three hours to get the best view would be helpful. Thanks!
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When I saw it a few years ago (on preview, doing the math: oh god it was 10 years ago, how did that happen...), we skipped the part where she inspects her troops and just went straight to Pall Mall to stand behind the barriers with everyone else, maybe just an hour beforehand? Less than that? We saw her, Princess Anne, and William and Harry in the horse and carriage procession, then saw them all waving from the Buckingham Palace balcony. It was a pretty good view for not much effort.
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From "Members of the public wishing to watch are advised to stand on The Mall or on the edge of St James's Park overlooking Horse Guards (their view may be somewhat obscured by troops in this position) from 9.00am."

I'd recommend getting there early and finding a spot on the Mall - you'll get a good view of the flyover from there too.

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Response by poster: We don't really care too much about the flyover and the troops, but would like to catch a glimpse of the Queen and her family. If we stand on the Mall, do you think we will also see the family?
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When I saw them the family were in a carriage similar to the Queen, coming either before or after her (don't remember), so if you can see the Queen from your spot along the Mall, you should see the family as well.
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Hope you saw them and didn't get rained on!
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Response by poster: We did! Thanks for all your help. It was a great morning until the rain came. We took lots of pictures and our American friends are very impressed!
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