Is there a term for this type of music?
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Is there a generic term for music like ""Heaven Bound" by Los Duggans? I recognize their influences (bluegrass, gospel, etc.), but the specifics elude me -- the particular combination of nihilism/religious fundamentalist references (ironic or genuine, to say nothing of the electric bass) seems like the sort of thing that would arise from a subculture, so I suspect there's a generic term for their type of music that I'm not aware of.

I've seen some references to things like electro-stomp, "dark folk" and the like, but what I've found on those topics thus far seem to lean away from them.
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For these kinds of acts - like Hank III, Pine Box Boys, Jay Munly, Those Poor Bastards, etc.- you'll see them labeled everything from 'death country', 'psychobilly', 'country rock' 'gothic americana' 'cemetery western' and about ninety combinations of other genres. Probably the umbrella genre would be alt country. They all tend to do a lot of murder ballads.
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