Looking for a french animated short
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Help me find a specific short, red-hued animated video about a demon, a beaked guitar player, and a topless girl. It has no dialogue, and is set to a French song. Plot details inside.

A giant demon (possibly Dracula) falls in love with a topless girl wearing a skirt. She, however, is charmed by a shorter guy with a beak who's playing a guitar/ukulele. The demon and the beaked guy fight. The demon doesn't do so well, and swallows the girl whole. The beaked guy lets himself be eaten as well, and he and the girl play music and dance on an island inside the demon's stomach.

I think of this video whenever I hear Last Nite by The Strokes, as the lead singer's drawn out notes sound very similar to the wails in the chorus of the song in the video.
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It sounds like it might be part of Sita Sings The Blues.
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Response by poster: @charlemagne good guess, but this clip is older. I probably saw it in 2005 or earlier, which is not to say that that's when it was released: it could be much older, as the animation looks hand-drawn. The video itself is a 3-minute, self-contained story.
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Beaked guy + topless girl makes me think of Parra, but I haven't seen a video of his like with this plot myself...
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The red hue you're remembering could be a red herring, so to speak: a lot of films from the '60s & '70s have lost their blues, which leaves the reds very prominent. (They have to adjust the colors when they're transferred to DVDs.)
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Best answer: You're looking for cartoonist Joann Sfar's video for Dionysos' song, Tes Lacets Sont Fes Fees.
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Response by poster: Thank you, Ursula! :D
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