Best Maple Creemees in New England?
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My wife and I are visiting Vermont this week, and we will be spending at least a couple of days in some other New England states afterward. We would like to know where we should go to get the best maple creemees.
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At any sugar house.
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Don't know if they have Maple or not, but if you are in Burlington, you should head over to Al's French Frys and get a couple of burgers, a pint of fries, and a couple of creemees. For what it's worth, the term creemee is essentially unknown outside Vermont. Elsewhere in New England it is just soft-serve ice cream.
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In Weston, VT, in the back courtyard of the Vermont Country Store, is Mildred's Maple Creemees. The maple creemees they serve are pretty choice.
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I can also recommend the creemees from Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks in Montpelier, VT.
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If you are in Burlington, Burlington Bay has great creemees.

In Richmond, a little outside of Burlington, Bridge St Cafe has amaaazing creemees - SOMETIMES they have maple, and when they do they use syrup from a local sugar house a couple miles down the road.

Sugar houses won't have creemees.

In Addison town Goodies snack bar has pretty good creemees.

Why not just hit up all the open snack shacks and judge for yourself?? :)
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In college, we were very fond of Bragg Farm Sugarhouse. A wonderfully peaceful location with super yummy creemees.
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If you're coming south on I-91 to Massachusetts, try the Sugar Shack on Rte. 47 in North Hadley. Their creemies are mentioned in Road Food. You'll also find some beautiful walks in Hadley through farmland, around the Connecticut River.
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Do not go to any of those bullshit places that have the big pink banner that says they have a lot of flavors. Seriously, don't. Morse Farm is where I have had my most recent maple creemee and it was great. I am also fond of Dairy Creme in Montpelier on Route 2 heading out of town (who might or might not have maple when you are there). This article has some fun history about creemees though I am bummed they don't include them as a best of category in their Daysie awards.
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jessamyn nailed it. diary creme outside of montpelier. whacky ice cream AND seats near the stinky dumpster. old cars. not that great looking. long lines. ice cream for dogs. about as vermonty as you can get.

morse farms in montpelier is notable because maple creamees is all they have and the maple comes from morse farms in montpelier. lots of vermont maple-y schwag for sale, too. authentic in that "we're in vermont and we're gonna make a buck doing whatever we can to make a buck" kind of way. the whole state is accessible in three hours, though. you want creamees, you can find em anywhere, fast. and cows. and the occasional moose. transient quebecqois going through at relativistic velocities. tubing. drive in theaters. liberals. lots of guns. bernie. pat. jessamyn. me. party zone, really. with creamees. which you can eat if you have the munchies from smoking recently de-criminalized weed. you can also be naked in public, but it's illegal to GET naked in public. keeps your clothes cleaner if you are eating creamees, though. YCMMV.

this time of year, the skiiing is lousy. remember to buy a lot of stuff on your visit. and have a nice creamee. you deserve it!
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I think that I would either go to Morse Farm or Dairy Creme. I prefer the Morse maple syrup to the Bragg farm maple syrup (the best syrup comes from the Daggett farm up in Derby Line VT) FYI they're family friends but they take their syrup very seriously.

In reality you're not going to really care which place you get a creemee from because even not the best maple creemee is still a really good creemee.
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Noticed you said you are coming this week, so my answer doesn't really apply, but consider checking out the website of the Vermont Maple Sugar makers Association, which includes a link on events for any future travels -- or if others have this question in the future. They have a bunch of maple products at these events including my favourite cremees. They are at the Tunbridge Fairgrounds for various events, including the Tunbridge World's Fair, and the Vermont Sheep & Goats Festival. Enjoy your visit!
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