Promote a literary event in NYC (Gowanus, Brooklyn) on short notice?
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I would like to spread the word on a release party of sorts for a small publication that specializes in experimental poetry, literature, and conceptual writing.

This pub has been growing a bit, and to mark the occasion of its next issue, a reading is planned for this coming Thursday in Gowanus.

How can I get the word out? It's a free event, there will be some (relatively) known writers/poets doing readings.

I have submitted the event to nonsensenyc, metromix calendar and a few other small local calendars. Any other tips in the "must-post here for Brooklyn events" vein?

Thanks all. Let me know if you need more info.
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When I held the memorial for the star poet from IA, I did it through Facebook. Poets House provided the venue, but it was not part of their regular calendar. I contacted time out, but they didn't list it, even though a well known poet introduced.
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Put a link to the publication's website in your profile. Everyone involved should be pushing it thru their social media.
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I get Brooklyn Based's roundup of events, not sure if you can get your event put on it or if they select them themselves, but it's worth a try.

Post to the Metafilter NYC google group?
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The skint ( is a good one if you haven't already sent a link there
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Brokelyn is good for free (or cheap events). I think the contact info is on their website.
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