Where to sell my Lovig Desk by Jens Quistgaard in Atlanta
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How can I get the best price for this desk in Atlanta? I have a Lovig Desk by Jens Quistgaard and it's huge, and gorgeous and the antithesis of ergonomic.

I got this desk for my 20th birthday, 30 years ago. It was great in 1982, it was a desk, a table, and a focal point of my house for decades.

We're downsizing from a house to an apartment and it's just not practical for us to keep it.

If I lived in San Francisco, I'd call MidCentury Modern Finds and consign it with them, I mean, we bought it at Copenhagen on Van Ness, so it makes sense.

I'm wondering if it's worth it to find a specialty site to list it on, and if so, any ideas? Will people pay to have it shipped?

Or do I do craigslist or ebay and hope someone knows what a good piece it is?

I'd love to get half the $2,200 that's being asked for the desk in San Francisco.

We're getting rid of half of our furniture when we move, so it's kind of a massive undertaking! What's the best way to get top dollar for some high quality furniture, and some dollars for some stuff?
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Good lord, that's beautiful! Wish I lived in Atlanta because I would totally try to buy that. Not being familiar with Atlanta, I would try Craigslist or perhaps is there an "antique row" or similar you could try for consignment? Perhaps take some pictures and bring those to local consignment places to see if they'd be interested in selling it. I think people who know furniture would know what they see when they see it. If they don't (and therefore low-ball you), you can always walk away (or set a reserve on eBay). I would think that if you just want half the asking price, the folks who are in the market for this kind of furniture, even on eBay, would be willing to pay a bunch for shipping.
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Consign it at Paris on Ponce. They have quite a few gorgeous mid century pieces.

It's beautiful! Wish I could take it!
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In addition to Craigslist/Ebay, you can also try Etsy and the classifieds on Apartment Therapy.
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Great answers so far!
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I read your question thinking, I bet it's not as nice as my mcm desk. It's exactly the same one I have. Consignment shop is the way to go. I can't part with mine, one of only a few pieces I'm taking from my divorce.
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2nding Paris on Ponce. I have friends that work there.
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I sent an email to Paris on Ponce with pics last night. I'm waiting to hear what they think.
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OH MAAAAN I wish I could afford it, it's amazing! Try Kudzu antiques and Finders Keepers Consignments.
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Try Kudzu antiques and Finders Keepers Consignments.

Yeah, they're on my way to the Farmer's Market, I could pop in with pics.
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Whoa, what if I've seen you at the market before and not even known it?!?! Good luck! I'll come visit it if one of those places takes it!
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