Display my blog entries on another site?
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Quick-n-dirty way to put a "teaser" latest blog entry on my homepage?

The facts: I've got a blog and a more static "homepage." They're separate, totally different designs. Someday they'll be hosted together on the same server under the same domain, but until then they don't even know one another exists. The blog is powered by Blogger and hosted on their Blogspot.

I'd like to show my latest blog post as a teaser on the front page of my personal website, in an iframe. Ideally it would even have a word limit -- maybe the first 100 words and then an ellipsis and link to the actual blog.

I can't figure out how to make it happen, though.

Things I've considered:
- Adding it as live RSS content. Since I own both sites, it ought to be easy. Unfortunately, I can't find a free RSS parser that will allow me to do it without having my server up. The server won't be up for a while for reasons I can't control... and I don't want to pay $50 for a parser license, only to junk it once my server comes online and I can do it for free with server-side stuff.

- Somehow putting the standard Blogger tags into my homepage (or iframe) and actually publishing each entry both places. Not actually sure how I could do this -- is there an automated way to do it? Would I have to cut and paste each entry into two separate posts in two separate Blogger accounts?

There should be an easy way to do this, since I'm dealing exclusively with my content (sites and feeds). But, I've been putting this off for the duration of the time it's taken to build the sites, and now I've got a glaring white space on my homepage that I'd rather not show off to the world. Thanks in advance for your ideas!
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Best answer: An option Rss->javascript include service. Free, I think.
posted by Nothing at 8:19 PM on September 19, 2005

Response by poster: Nothing: Wow! That's just about what I need, and I wonder why I didn't see it earlier. Only trouble is, it doesn't format my feed correctly when it displays. I don't think it's the Atom feed either, because it looks fine in Bloglines and Feedburner.

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Response by poster: Oh, wait -- the "Use HTML in item display?" toggle was hiding on me. Works now! Thanks!
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Aside: who's paying $50 for what parser? Magpie is a free PHP parser, there are plenty of other free ones for other languages out there too.
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Response by poster: revgeorge: I've seen plenty of free PHP parsers (there's a good list here: http://www.rssgov.com/rssparsers.html). But, I'm not hosting my pages myself just yet. Until I posted this thread, I hadn't seen a free cut-and-paste, client-side solution.
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FeedDigest, ditto, and no ads.
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