Who is that guy! I know him from somewhere
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Moviefilter: Who is that guy in the circuit city commercial??

Me and my roomate just watched a commercial for Circuit City (extreme tv makeover, if that helps). The actor in that is from something we both remember, but we can't figure out from where! It's killing us!
I remember him from an 80's movie. The plot as I remember it is that their parents are out of town. The main character has some kind of love interest... The little brother is building a rocket out of household items.. and the middle brother (the one in question) is trying to lose his virginity. If we knew the name of this movie we could sherlock this out. And clues?
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Best answer: If it's the Circuit City commercial I'm thinking of, I believe you have your movies confused. The actor in the commercial is from the film Just One of the Guys, and his name is Billy Jayne. In that film, he's the younger brother trying to get laid, while his sister, an aspiring journalist, pretends to be a high school boy for an expose. The little brother building a rocket in his garage is from the John Cusack film Better Off Dead.
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It's Buddy from Just One of the Guys.
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Response by poster: Oh the majesty of ask metafilter! Unfortunatley, my roomate was right and i was wrong..oh so wrong. As Charlie just exclaimed... "I told you he was that guy from 'Parker Lewis Can't Lose'!!!"
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Wow. I was just watching MNF and that same exact question was driving me crazy... Thanks.
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I just shed a single tear at the mention of Parker Lewis. Where's my DVD set?
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