Dance music in Cleveland?
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We're considering a move to the Cleveland area, and one of the deciding factors for me is going to be the quality of the local dance music scene. But that leads me to ask: what's the deal with the local dance music scene? Does one exist? I've found a couple of online forums but they seem to be moribund. So what's up, Cleveland? Anyone dancing in converted warehouses until the sun comes up? Are there gigs to be found for dance DJs here?
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The one thing I remember about Cleveland's dance music scene is that the local alt-weekly published a feature about it last year.
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I'm from the Cleveland area. Liquid Sixx is the best out of the whole West 6th scene. On Saturday nights, West 6th is really busy and fun for doing the dance club crawl.

There's also something called Secret Soul Club, if you're into that.
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Response by poster: Aaaugh!, that article was depressing as hell. But I guess I can take warning.
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I'm in Columbus, but have driven up to Touch Supper Club more than a few times to see good national and regional dj's. Always had a good time there but I can't speak to the warehouse scene.
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