What is this Asian symbol?
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My husband has an old, broken jade necklace that I would like to replace. However, he doesn't remember exactly what it stood for, and I have no idea. A brief search has pointed me in the direction of long life symbol. Yet when I search for a long life symbol pendant, a million other things seem to come to the forefront instead of what I'm seeking. Can anyone offer their thoughts? Pendant in Question
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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shou_(character) (for what it's worth)
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Thank you! This should help to narrow it down
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Because the character is so popular as a decorative motif, it appears in multiple forms, with calligraphers often producing 百寿图 (bǎishòutú) - 'Picture-with-a-hundred-shòu-characters' to showcase their skill in various styles - this image search should let you see some.
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Here is something similar from a store near my house: Jade Carved Circle. The website is lousy and hard to search, but they have an incredible selection.
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Abiezer, that was the exact problem I was running into!

monopas, you are correct, but a store and a close find are just what I needed. Thank you!
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