Fuck tha USPS
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My boyfriend's tax refund check was mailed over a month ago, according to Where's My Refund. We have surpassed the 28-day waiting period before one can file a claim for a missing or lost refund check. Does anyone know about how long it might take for the lost refund claim to be processed and the refund to actually be received? Also, he's wondering if he can change his mode of receipt from mail to direct deposit, to speed up the recovery. If you have experience in this arena we'd love to hear about it.

Times are tight right now and we could really use the refund money, but it looks like it must have gotten lost in the mail. We're going to check with some neighbors first to make sure it's not floating around the neighborhood, but if nothing turns up tomorrow we'd like to file the claim ASAP, in the most efficient way. Also: is there any difference between filing the claim online, over the phone, or with a local/regional agency?

We called the IRS to get some/most of this info but the wait times are murdering us, so if anyone knows a secret amazing way to get your lost refund ASAP that would be smashing. Thanks!
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Best answer: This happened to me a few years ago. I called the IRS (not the regional/local agency; the toll free number) and reported the check lost or stolen. I can't remember exactly what procedure they had me go through, but it was quick and painless. If I recall correctly, they processed my refund via direct deposit in less than ten days. I recommend your boyfriend ask for direct deposit because 1) it's the fastest way to receive his money 2) this prevents it from getting lost or someone with sticky fingers from stealing it en route to him the second time. Oh, yeah -- try to call later in the evening or before 9am EST, if possible. The wait times are usually worse as the day goes on.
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Best answer: I accidentally put the wrong account number on my form once. (Once I got through the waiting) I spent about 5 minutes on the phone with the IRS, they fixed it right up and I got my refund in two days. What I'm trying to say is that they may be busy right now but they are also super helpful.
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