Help me find the best love quotes from Broadway musicals
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My partner is a huge, huge theater buff, particularly musicals, and he is going away to work for the next three months directing shows at a performing arts camp. Last summer, before he left, he hid little love notes for me to discover in the apartment, and it was just the sweetest gesture ever. I want to return the favor to him this year, and sneak my own notes into his luggage before he leaves and in his cabin when I visit. I decided that it would be perfect to use romantic quotes from show tunes - but I really don't know anything about theater other than what I've picked up from osmosis. I could google for Broadway quotes, but they wouldn't have any significance to me. So I'm hoping that if I give some ideas of what he likes and dislikes, the hivemind could make some thoughtful suggestions.

Again, I'm really a theater newbie, so I'm not sure what will be useful or not, but here are some notes about his tastes:

-Anything by Sondheim - he is a huge Sondheim fan

-I know he likes William Finn, particularly Falsettos

-Book of Mormon is a big favorite

-He absolutely hates Cats and Jekyll & Hyde

-He saw the original run of Annie a million times and so Annie quotes would be fun

-Anything by Kander and Ebb

-He is a huge theater trivia geek and delights in obscure shows with scores from when he was a kid in the 60's, as well as shows that flopped on Broadway after a short run but had a great score

-He does a mean Anthony Newley impersonation

Hopefully this is enough to inspire other theater geeks to chime in with ideas - and if you think you have a quote that's just fun or funny or awesome even if it isn't romantic per se, that would be great too. Thanks!
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Book of Mormon is a fun show but I don't really associate it with love at all.

There are shows like West Side Story, Evita, Phantom of the Opera, etc., that are worth a look.
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"Something Was Missing" from Annie is very romantic, in a different context from the show. There's a lot of hot & romantic stuff in The Music Man...
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What a fun idea, this calls for fun musicals!

Grease has a ton of good stuff, even "we go together like rama lama lama..."

Hairspray is full of campy good love lyrics too, Like a week that's only mondays, only ice cream never sundaes, darling I'll be yours forever 'cause I never wanna be without love"

Dirty Dancing was made into a musical, "I've had the time of my life" and love is strange!
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Best answer: Check out William Finn's "Sailing", which is a beautiful song that he may recognize.

"The sun is on my back, the wind is in my face. The waters incredibly blue. Yes, I'd rather be sailing, yes I want to go sail... And then come home to you"
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"Company" is Sondheim and has some poignant things to say about being with someone and being alone. It's available on Netflix streaming.

"A person can't stand all that sweetness, Paul. Nobody human can stand all that everlasting affection!"

"Somebody crowd me with love! Somebody force me to care! Somebody let me come through! I'll always be there, as frightened as you, to help us survive being alive."

"Paul: Listen, Amy, married people are no more marriage than musicians are music. Just because some of the people might be wrong doesn't matter. It is still right.
Amy: Yes, well, I'll put that on a sampler, Paul."

"Don't be afraid it won't be perfect. The only thing to be afraid of is that it won't be."

"So you wanted to marry me? And I wanted to marry you. Then how the hell did we ever end up such good friends?"
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Till There Was You. It's not obscure but it is a beautiful lyric and it's from The Music Man originally, before the Beatles got their hands on it.
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Best answer: On love at first sight, from West Side Story:
Tony: You're not thinking I'm someone else?
Maria: I know you are not.
Tony: Or that we've met before?
Maria: I know we have not.
Tony: I felt, I knew something never before was going to happen, had to happen. But this is so much more.
Maria: My hands are cold.
[he takes them in his]
Maria: Yours too.
[he moves them to his face]
Maria: So warm.
[she moves his to hers]
Tony: So beautiful.
Maria: Beautiful.
Tony: It's so much to believe. You're not making a joke?
Maria: I have not yet learned how to joke that way. I think now I never will.
On staying in the now, from Carousel:
And, what's the use of wonderin' / If the endin' will be sad? / He's your feller and you love him / There's nothin' more to say.
On love being a divine gift, from Les Mis:
And remember the truth that once was spoken: to love another person is to see the face of God.
On growing through love (and friendship), from Wicked:
I've heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason; Bringing something we must learn; and we are led to those who help us most to grow; if we let them; And we help them in return; Well, I don't know if I believe that's true; But I know I'm who I am today because I knew you...
On marveling at love, from Elton John's Aida:
And who'd have thought
That love could be so good?
Not me, not me
And show me things I never understood
Not me, not me.
On love being priceless, from RENT:
I think they meant it when they said you can't buy love. Now I know you can rent it. A new lease you are, my love, on life. Be my life!
On discovering you're in love, from Brigadoon:
What a day this has been! What a rare mood I'm in!
Why, it's almost like being in love!
There's a smile on my face for the whole human race!
Why, it's almost like being in love!
All the music of life seems to be like a bell that is ringing for me!
And from the way that I feel when that bell starts to peal,
I could swear I was falling, I would swear I was falling,
It's almost like being in love!
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Best answer: Additionally, the baker and his wife in Into the Woods have a few great numbers.

"It takes two.
I thought one was enough,
It's not true:
It takes two of us
You came through
When the journey was rough.
It took you.
It took two of us." - It takes Two

"Just remembering you've had an "and" when you're back to "or" makes the or mean more than it did before" - Moments In The Woods, sung by the bakers wife right after she kisses the prince in the woods and comes to the realization that her dreams of having something else are not really worth ruining her marriage for. (Sorta)
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So in Love, from Kiss Me Kate, is super romantic

Also, Sarah Brown Eyes from Ragtime
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West Side Story is awesome for lyrics! Grease too ("Hopelessly Devoted to You!")

Also seconding Rent. "Seasons of Love" is not exactly a love song, per se, but a lovely song.

Isn't Once (the movie) now a musical? Not sure how I feel about it, yet, but, "Falling Slowly," and a few other songs have great lyrics.

Bye Bye Birdie's "One Boy?" "One Last Kiss?"

Awesome idea, btw.
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Ooh! KellyGrape reminded me of another "It Takes Two" song, this time from Hairspray.

Also, I am going to work super hard not to camp out here because I seriously could spend the rest of my night finding you more quotes and song lyrics....
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Best answer: From "Of Thee I Sing"

Who cares
If the sky cares to fall in the sea?
Who cares what banks fail in Yonkers
Long as you've got a kiss that conquers?
Why should I care?
Life is one long jubilee,
So long as I care for you
And You care for me!

From "Guys and Dolls"

I love you, a bushel and a peck!
A bushel and a peck, and a hug around the neck!
A hug around the neck, and a barrel and a heap
A barrel and a heap, and I'm talkin' in my sleep.
About you.
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Best answer: And because I can't resist...from Urinetown

Someday I'll meet someone
Whose heart joines with mine
Aortas and arteries all intertwined
They'll beat so much stronger
Than they could apart
Eight chambers of muscle to hustle
The love in our heart
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Sure some of the love in Sondheim's Passion is a bit pyscho-stalker, but the show has grown on me and some of the lyrics are so simple and beautiful:

I thought I knew what love was.
I thought I knew how much I could feel.
I didn't know what love was.
I've never known what love was.
But now - I do.
It's what I feel with you,
The happiness I feel with you.
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From Sondheim's Sunday in the Park with George:

Look at all the things you've done for me:
Opened up my eyes
Taught me how to see
Notice every tree!

. . .

Anything you do, let it come from you--
then it will be new.
Give us more to see.

A little creepy, but from Sondheim's Sweeny Todd:

Slow, love, slow . . .
Hush, love, hush.
Don't distress yourself,
what's your rush?
Keep your thoughts
nice and lush.

From Sondheim's "Any Moment" in Into the Woods:

Anything can happen in the woods . . .
May I kiss you?
Any moment we could be crushed.
Don't feel rushed.

. . .

Days are made of moments
All are worth exploring.
Many kinds of moments:
None is worth ignoring.
All we have are moments
memories for storing
One would be so boring!

. . .

This was just a moment in the woods,
our moment, shimmering and lovely and sad.
Leave the moment, just be glad
for the moment that we had.

From Sondheim's "It Takes Two, Into the Woods

It takes two.
I thought one was enough,
It's not true.
It takes two of us.
You came through
when the journey was rough
It took you.
It took two of us.

. . .

It takes one to begin,
but then once you've begun
it takes two of you.
It's no fun
but what needs to be done, you can do
when there's two of you.
If I dare,
it's because I'm becoming aware of us.
As a pair of us,
each accepting a share of what's there.

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Best answer: If I Were A Bell (from Guys and Dolls)

Ask me how do I feel
Ask me now that we're cosy and clinging
Well sir, all I can say, is if I were a bell I'd be ringing!

From the moment we kissed tonight
That's the way I've just gotta behave
Boy, if I were a lamp I'd light
And If I were a banner I'd wave!
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Best answer: There are some pretty good options for awesome Broadway love songs here, too. Google fu will get you the lyrics.
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Best answer: Oh, and also! You could score a lot of points with something from Anyone Can Whistle, a failed 1960's Stephen Sondheim musical. I'm not sure if any of these suit your purpose, but:

Maybe you could show me
How to let go,
Lower my guard,
Learn to be free.
Maybe if you whistle.
Whistle for me.


With so little to be sure of,
If there's anything at all...
If there's anything at all,
I'm sure of here and now and us together.

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Best answer: Well, it took me so long to type out some of the stuff I was quoting that everyone else (bearwife mostly) beat me to it (clearly I shouldn't have stopped for dinner), but here are a few that I don't think duplicate any previous posts:

Sunday in the Park with George
  • "Move On," although it comes when Dot and George part, is full of beautiful lines:
  • We've always belonged together! We will always belong together!
  • Color and Light:
  • I could look at him forever ...
  • Sunday in the Park with George:
  • You're really good.
Into the Woods
  • It Takes Two
  • If you could see - You're not the man who started, And much more open-hearted Than I knew you to be
    ... what needs to be done You can do When there's two of you
  • So Happy
  • I never thought I could be so happy!
  • No One is Alone
  • You are not alone ...
    Someone is on your side

I love Sondheim songs so much that less obvious things would seem like wonderfully romantic lines if quoted to me in the right circumstances - like the line "Your turn." from "Poems" (from Pacific Overtures). But maybe that's just me.
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Best answer: Once Upon A Mattress is a comic musical, but I've always loved the lyrics from "Yesterday I Loved You":

Yesterday I loved you
Like never before
But please don't think me strange
I've undergone a change
And today
I love you even more.
My heart cannot be trusted
I give you fair warning
I openly confess
Tonight I love you less
Than I will tomorrow morning.

From My Fair Lady, "On the Street Where You Live," sung by the would-be young lover, Freddy:

And oh! The towering feeling
Just to know somehow you are near.
The overpowering feeling
That any second you may suddenly appear!
People stop and stare. They don't bother me.
For there's no where else on earth that I would rather be.
Let the time go by, I won't care if I
Can be here on the street where you live.

From the King and I, "I Have Dreamed," sung by young lovers who think they can finally be together:

I have dreamed that your arms are lovely,
I have dreamed what a joy you'll be.
I have dreamed every word you whisper.
When you're close,
Close to me.
How you look in the glow of evening
I have dreamed and enjoyed the view.

In these dreams I've loved you so
That by now I think I know
What it's like to be loved by you.
I will love being loved by you.

Sweeney Todd is a horror musical, but excerpts from "Johanna" might work:

I was half convinced I'd waken
Satisfied enough to dream you
Happily I was mistaken

and "Kiss Me"

Sir, I did love you
Even as I saw you
Even as it
Did not matter that
I did not know
Your name

"The Word of Your Body" from Spring Awakening is a really sexy song:

O, I'm gonna be wounded
O, I'm gonna be your wound
O, I'm gonna bruise you
O, you're gonna be my bruise

I've always had a soft spot for "People Will Say We're in Love" from Oklahoma:

Don't praise my charm too much
Don't look so vain with me
Don't stand in the rain with me
People will say we're in love!
Don't take my arm too much
Don't keep your hand in mine
Your hand feels so grand in mine
People will say we're in love!
Don't dance all night with me
Till the stars fade from above.
They'll see it's alright with me
People will say we're in love.

"Tonight" from West Side Story is possibly my favorite love duet from musical theater:

Tonight, tonight
The world is full of light
With suns and moons all over the place.
Tonight, tonight
The world is wild and bright
Going mad
Shooting sparks into space.
Today, the world was just an address
A place for me to live in
No better than all right.
But here you are
And what was just a world is a star.

(I fucking LOVE "Tonight." Gorgeous!)

From Rent, "I'll Cover You" is probably the most romantic song, sung by a gay couple:

I think they meant it when they said you can't buy love
Now I know you can rent it
A new lease you are, my love
On life
All my life
I've longed to discover
Something as true as this is

From The Fantasticks, "They Were You":

Every secret prayer,
Every fancy free,
Everything I dared for both you and me.
All my wildest dreams
Multiplied by two
They were you.
They were you.
They were you.

(Paging musical theater peeps for more suggestions)
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Came in to say Sweeney Todd's, "Johanna."
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Best answer: I Don't Need Anything But You from Annie.
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Best answer: If you're willing to go a little modern, "The Wedding Singer" has a bunch of lovely lyrics.

"I Loves You, Porgy" from Porgy and Bess

HUGE list here.
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Best answer: Cole Porter would be my go-to. How about:

In the still of the night
As I gaze from my window
At the moon in its flight
My thoughts all stray to you

- 'In the still of the night' from Rosalie

I get no kick from Champagne
Mere alchohol doesn't thrill me at all
so tell me why should it be true
that i get a kick out of you

- 'I get a kick out of you' from Anything Goes

I give to you and you give to me,
True love, true love.
So on and on it'll always be,
True love, true love

- 'True love' from High Society
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Response by poster: These are wonderful and just what I was looking for! I particularly love the witty quotations - I've never even seen Guys & Dolls, but those are great. (And kellygrape, "Sailing" is one of his favorite songs - I've heard him belt it a million times in the shower - so thanks so much for reminding me of it!)

I have plenty to work with here, but am absolutely happy to get more suggestions. I've been mopey about him leaving, but this little project is perking up my spirits. Thanks again!!
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Best answer: One of my favorites has always been "I'm a Brass Band" from Sweet Charity.
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Best answer: Lovely bit from Wicked:

Just for this moment
As long as you're mine
Come be how you want to
And see how bright we shine
Borrow the moonlight
Until it is through
And know I'll be here holding you
As long as you're mine

Fun song from The Pajama Game:

My love's meteoric, it's merely historic
A whirlwind, a cyclone on wheels
It rocks my whole solar plexus,
It's bigger than Texas
I just can't tell you how it feels
I only know there once was a woman
Who loved a man
Loved him enough to cause the Trojan War
They say that nobody ever loved as much as she-ee
But me-ee,
I love you more! more! more! more!

Sweet little thing from The Full Monty (which works for you since you're going to be apart for a while):

Is it the wind there, over my shoulder?
Is it your voice calling quietly?
Over the hilltop, down in the valley
Never alone for you walk with me

When evening falls
And the air gets colder
When shadows cover the road I am following
Will I be alone there in the darkness?
No, not alone, not alone
And I'll never be...
Never alone, you are walking
You're walking with me
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(If you want song titles for the credits--they're pretty obvious: "As Long As You're Mine," "There Once Was a Man" and "You Walk With Me." Sorry bout that.)
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Best answer: Oh, I forgot--from Funny Face, "'S Wonderful":

'S wonderful
'S marvelous
You should care for me
'S awful nice
'S paradise
'S what I love to see
You came and made my life so glamorous
You can't blame me for being amorous
Oh, 's wonderful
'S marvelous
That you should care for me!
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Best answer: One of my favorite romantic lyrics comes from When I First Saw You from "Dreamgirls".

When I first saw you
I said "Oh my", I said "Oh my"
That's a dream.
That's my dream
I needed a dream
When it all seemed to go bad
Then I found you
And I have had the most beautiful dreams any man's (or woman's) ever had
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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang:

'you're my little choochi face... together we're a choochi, oochi, woochi, koochi pair'

'truly scrumptious, you're truly truly scrumptious/ never ever ever go away/
my heart is so unruly/ because i love you truly/ honest, truly, i do'

Meet Me in St. Louis (as long as you don't mind that it's not terribly PC)

'if you like-a me and i like-a you and we like-a both the same/
i like to say/ this very day/ i like a change your name
'cause i love-a you and love-a you true and if you a-love-a me/
one live as two/ two live as one/ under the bamboo tree'

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Best answer: More, eh?

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,

From "I Believe in You":

I hear the sound of good solid judgement whenever you talk
Yet there's the bold brave spring of the tiger that quickens your walk
Oh I believe in you -
I believe in you

And when my faith in my fellow man all but falls apart
I've but to feel your hand grasping mine
And I take heart


La Cage aux Folles

from "With You on My Arm":

Life is a celebration with you on my arm


Somehow you've put a permanent star in my eye
Even the dead of winter can feel like July
I found a combination that works like a charm:
It's suddenly
It's suddenly
Whenever it's
you on my arm!

From "Look Over There":

Count all the loves who will love you
From now 'til the end of your life,
And when you have added the loves
Who have loved you before,
Look over there.
Look over there.
Somebody loves you more

----- ----- ----- -----

The other way to approach this is to work backwards.

Many of the most wonderful love songs of the 20th Century were from the Great American Songbook ... much of which originally came from musicals we've forgotten these days.

So you could mine the Great American Songbook (try going to your library and looking for music scores - I bet you'll find a bunch of jazz standards and Vocal Selections books), find romantic songs that say what you want to say, and then just figure out what musical they're from.

For instance:

You are, to me, everything
My life to be - everything
When in my sleep you appear
Fair skies of deep blue appear
Each time our lips touch again
I yearn for you oh so much again
You are my favorite star
My haven in heaven above
You are everything I love

... from the song "Ev'rything I Love," from Let's Face It, Cole Porter, 1941

* * *

Between you and me, you're something spectacular
Between you and me, you're a prize
Between you and me, to use the vernacular
You've got what they call "oomph" in your eyes

... from the song "Between You and Me," from Broadway Melody of 1940, Cole Porter

* * *

Whenever skies look grey to me
And trouble begins to brew
Whenever the winter winds become too strong
I concentrate on you


And so when wise men say to me
That love's young dream never comes true
To prove that even wise men can be wrong,
I concentrate on you

... from the song "I Concentrate on You," from Broadway Melody of 1940, Cole Porter

* * *

Do I love you, do I?
Doesn't one and one make two?
Do I need you, do I?
Does July need a sky of blue?
Would I miss you, would I,
if you ever should go away?
If the sun should desert the day,
What would life be?

Will I leave you, never
Could the ocean leave the shore?
Will I worship you forever?
Isn't heaven forever more?
Do I love you, do I?
Oh my dear, it's so easy to see -
Don't you know I do
Don't I show you I do
Just as you love me

... from the song "Do I Love You," from DuBarry Was a Lady, Cole Porter

* * *

Day and night
Why is it so
That this longing for you follows wherever I go?
In the roaring traffic's boom
In the silence of my lonely room
I think of you
night and day

... from the song "Night and Day," from Gay Divorce, Cole Porter, 1932

* * *

Every time we say goodbye
I die a little
Every time we say goodbye
I wonder why a little
Why the gods above me
Who must be in the know
Think so little of me
They allow you to go


There's no love song finer
But how strange the change
from major to minor
Every time we say goodbye

... from the song "Every Time We Say Goodbye," from Seven Lively Arts, Cole Porter, 1944

* * *

I took one look at you
That's all I meant to do
And then my heart stood still

... from "My Heart Stood Still," from A Connecticut Yankee, Rodgers and Hart

* * *

At the sound of your voice
Heaven opens its portals to me
Can I help but rejoice
That a song such as ours came to be
But I always knew
I'd live life through
With a song in my heart
For you

... from "With a Song in My Heart," from Spring is Here, Rodgers and Hart

* * *

My romance doesn't need a castle rising in Spain
Nor a dance to a constantly surprising refrain
Wide awake I can make my most fantastic dreams come true
My romance doesn't need a thing but you

... from "My Romance," from Jumbo, Rodgers and Hart

* * *

Don't change a hair for me
Not if you care for me ...

... from "My Funny Valentine," from Babes in Arms, Rodgers and Hart

* * *

I didn't know what year it was
Life was no prize
I wanted love and here it was
Shining out of your eyes

... from "I Didn't Know What Time It Was," from Too Many Girls, Rodgers and Hart

* * *

If they asked me, I could write a book
About the way you walk and whisper and look
And the simple secret of the plot
Is just to tell them that I love you a lot
Then the world discovers as my book ends
How to make two lovers of friends

... from "I Could Write a Book," from Pal Joey, Rodgers and Hart

* * *

There's a time for us
Someday a time for us
Time together with time to spare
Time to learn
Time to care

... from "Somewhere," from West Side Story

* * *

Getting to know you, getting to feel free and easy
When I am with you, getting to know what to say
Haven't you noticed? Suddenly I'm bright and breezy
Because of all the beautiful and new things
I'm learning about you
day by day

... from "Getting to Know You," from The King and I, Rodgers and Hammerstein

* * *

Why this feeling? Why this glow?
Why the thrill when you say Hello?
It's a strange and tender magic you do
Mister Wonderful - that's you!

... from "Mister Wonderful," from Mr. Wonderful, Jerry Bock, Larry Holofcener, George Weiss

* * *

All that can stire
All that can stun
All that's for the heart's lifting
Imagine these in one perfect one
And this is my beloved

... from "And This is My Beloved," from Kismet, Robert Wright and George Forrest

* * *

Now you're here and now I know just where I'm going
no more doubt or fear, I've found my way

For love came just in time
You found me just in time
and changed my lonely life, that lovely day

... from "Just in Time," from The Bells Are Ringing, Betty Comden, Adolph Green, Jule Styne

* * *

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And finally, one last bit of Sondheim:

Not a day goes by —
Not a single day —
But you're somewhere a part of my life,
And it looks like you'll stay.

As the days go by,
I keep thinking, "When does it end?"
That it can't get much better much longer.
But it only gets better and stronger
And deeper and nearer
And simpler and freer
And richer and clearer

And no,
Not a day goes by,
Not a blessed day
But you somewhere come into my life
And you don't go away.

And I have to say
If you do, I'll die.

I want day after day
After day after day

After day after day
After day after day
After day

Till the days go by,
Till the days go by,
Till the days go by!

"Not A Day Goes By," from Merrily We Roll Along, Stephen Sondheim

That should be enough to hold you until you can get to the library and look up a few more scores on your own.
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Response by poster: My partner was out of the house yesterday and it gave me the opportunity to write out about 25 notes to hide in the pockets of all his clean laundry before he packed to leave today. I don't know how long it will take him to find the first one, but it lifted my spirits considerably and I think he'll get a big kick out it. Thanks again, everyone!
posted by Neely O'Hara at 1:59 PM on June 3, 2013

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